The Last Guardians' Fumito Ueda wants to make a zombie game

The creator behind The Last Guardian has revealed that he’s keen on developing a zombie game for his next project.

Fumito Ueda, who departed from his role at Sony two years ago but continues to work on a freelance basis, expressed his interest in tackling the undead genre somewhere down the line.

Snookies123588d ago (Edited 3588d ago )

The Last Zombie? It'll take ten years to come out though. So, we'll all be zombies by then.

Lol, sorry, can't help poking fun at this. XD

Hatsune-Miku3588d ago

He doesnt work at sony anymore so he doesnt have the clout he once did and i doubt any development studio would want to work with his deadline.

tiffac0083588d ago

Well at least people won't be disappointed when his next game remains in a prolonged vaporware status.

Like the saying goes "What is dead may never die" XD

bayonetta3588d ago

I can accept any kind of game from Ueda 2 bad that he left sony =/

AnotherProGamer3588d ago

He's still working at Team ICO under contract

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majiebeast3588d ago

Maybe he can go to Square Enix, they take as long as him to release a game.

GenericNameHere3588d ago

Just don't put him near Toriyama. Next thing you know, the giant bird cat gryffon thing is gonna be part animal and part sexy human female wearing a very revealing outfit. The little boy might even now become a cross-dresser and uses various outfits to lure the enemies and beat them. Also, insert incestuous-lesbian romance between the two leads.

Good gosh, that Toriyama really needs to finally confess his love for Lightning and marry her. A Japanese guy married a female character from Love Plus several years ago, surely this guy can also make Lightning his WAIFU.

Chuk53588d ago

Finish your damn breakfast.

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anast27d ago

Great system, I still have one.

PrimeVinister27d ago

Me too!
I have an OG model and a PS One.
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