FF XV Release Date Not Until After March 2014, Game's Story Different from FF XIII

Release Date Possibly Coming After March 2014?

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KingKelloggTheWH1787d ago

We've known for a LONG time that the story is not related to 13 at all.They've been pretty clear with that.

In regards to the release date they need to hurry up and start talking, many people are gtting aggrivated with the wait.

Snookies121787d ago

It did jump console generations, so the wait is understandable. Not to mention how ambitious the game is, considering it's open world with airships you can pilot. Haven't had that since FF9 lol.

KingKelloggTheWH1787d ago

Oh, I don't mind the wait too much. Sure its driving me insane, but thats more of because I want the game so bad.I want Nomura to take as much time as he needs to make this amazing.

HelpfulGamer1787d ago

Unlike Rockstar's GTAV world, which as big as an Island, Final Fantasy XV World is an actual World, a Big Blue Planet, where Airship can circle the World! Similar to FF7, FF8, FF9 airship travel.

ZodTheRipper1787d ago

I honestly can wait, I want it to be as polished as possible. This needs to be more than good to meet my expectations after being in development for over 5 years.

Snookies121787d ago

No doubt man, I implore him to take as long as he needs to make this game a masterpiece. I'd much rather wait ten years for a game that will forever be one of my favorites, than get it right away and be disappointed. :]

Perfection takes time, so I shall wait with baited breath for this gem. I seriously think this is the Final Fantasy I've been waiting for since 10.

KingKelloggTheWH1787d ago

Oh I agree 100%, this game has been my most wanted game for nearly 8 years now XD

x5exotic1787d ago

@Helpful, GTA V's world was underwhelming; as I predicted it was large but repetitive. Tey took 95% away from san andreas, includig activities and all, and added back in 5% of new material that wasnt fun to explore

I want FF world to be like it was in FF 12

It felt like a WORLD
I didn't mind the 5 second loading between areas ( opposed to the 1 minute + of the more 'technologically advanced' Skyrim
It had variety, and beauty within each area in its lwn way, and how they all felt connected through caverns and tunnels and all... Amazing

mi_titan271787d ago

Know how FF game releases go it will probably end up being holiday 2014

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EXVirtual1787d ago

I knew it wouldn't be releasing that early. Best case scenario?
Japan release:
May-June 2014
Western Release:
July-August 2014.
They've already started localization, even if Jay Preston's role hasn't been specified (though he's most likely Prompto). SE has also said they are releasing sequels to FFXV because of when they were planning to release it.

Bluebird81787d ago

This was my most anticipated game for ps4, but due to the extreme lack of information on its progress and long dev time i'm now more excited for the witcher 3. Will of course be getting both games in time :)

MegaRay1787d ago

Well that faster than I thought.
Anyway the day its release gonna be the day I buy a PS4 ^^

KyoSiegfried861787d ago

I don't think it will be released on 2014 (at least not in Western regions). SE already have important games for 2014 (LRFF13, FFXHD, KH2.5HDRemix, FF14 for PS4). Not counting Eidos games, of course.

torchic1787d ago

LR:FFXIII & FFX/X-2HD are coming Q1 2014, and KH2.5HDRemix is a minor release, could come Q2 or Q3. Q4 is a very strong possibilty for FFXV

they released KH1.5HDRemix, FFXIV:ARR & LR:FFXIII in Japan all in one year so yeah releasing many titles in a year wouldn't be anything new.

2015 is all about KH3.

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