Xbox One’s Xbox Fitness is Kinda Hidden, Kinda Awesome

Xbox Fitness is free to Gold members on Xbox One, and it’s been a pretty great surprise.
After I fired up my Xbox One, the first thing I did was scan in some QR codes. That feature’s pretty impressive, but easily found thanks to the inserts in the system’s box.
Then I played some Forza…after waiting for it to install a bit first, of course.
Then it was Ryse. Same deal.
Then I downloaded a few applications that I figured I’d need soon: Skype, Netflix, Hulu and a few more. It wasn’t until I was scouring the marketplace until I found Xbox Fitness.

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Snookies121887d ago (Edited 1887d ago )

Scanning QR codes is impressive? It's a great little thing to have, but calling it impressive?

UnholyLight1886d ago

How can you not see the impressiveness.

You must love typing in those 24 digit codes! What a waste of time when you can do it in a mere couple seconds. Same goes for me being able to sign into my PS4 instantly with facial's just the way of the future. Making life easier

Mr_cheese1886d ago

These shortcuts are impressive! A lot of the time the small details will be the ones that work the wonders

B1663r1886d ago

One of the worst things about BF4 was the day one dlc code did not have an accompanying QR code.

pompombrum1886d ago (Edited 1886d ago )

^^^Yeah because inputting a dlc code is such a traumatic experience. I hear if you threaten EA with legal action, they'll even pay for your first three therapy sessions!

corvusmd1886d ago

I used this was actually pretty awesome. I've done insanity before, but it was cool having something track me to make sure that I was doing everything right. I was actually impressed how well the Kinect tracked me, despite being in a small room and jumping around and such.

AutoCad1886d ago

man i did insanity before and i tried it on xbox and it just made it funner i guess lol still was dying out there though lol.

ovnipc1886d ago

I have both and i love the ps4, but the xone feels more next gen. From the tv feature to kine t and games its amazing how awesome it is. After using the x1 i havent touched the pa4 again.

dansdooz1886d ago

Im loving the xbox one, ive spent more time on the tv and media features than games its so slick. Aiming to pick a ps4 up next year but the xbox one is pride of place in the living room, the kinect really brings everything together amazing bit of tech

BLAKHOODe1886d ago

I still prefer my PS4 for gaming, but since I got my Xbox One the other day, that's what I've mostly played, especially since it's always on and I have my cable running through it, so it's just more convenient to play a game on Xbox One now, than switch it over to the PS4.

Benchm4rk1886d ago

I did look for this when I set my xbox up but couldn't find it. Ended up just going on the new smartglass app and you can search and pin stuff to your home on that. Im really loving that app. Can even control the console with it.

otherZinc1886d ago

My boy & I made the trip to Chicago when the XBOX ONE tour came. I was impressed then. Now that we have the console in our homes, it's much more impressive than we imagined.

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