EA CEO on next-gen transition difficulties

On a blog post on Electronic Arts' official site, Chief Executive Officer Andrew Wilson acknowledges the problems related to the company's launch line-up on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 and outlines the steps it's taking to fix them.

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droc11232065d ago

It an easy fix... Ur nba team: fire them all... Second allow the nfl license to expire so u have competition forcing u to create a better nfl gaming experience... Third stop worrying so much about call of duty and just focus on making a great gaming experience for those who matter...the gamers. FYI keep doing what ur doing with FIFA and NHL and last but not least do not even try to create an mlb game and go head to head with mlb the show, it won't end well for u.

BOLO2065d ago

Oh EA you say you have problems every damn gen transition...I'm sure you'll find creative ways to implement microtransactions and DLC this gen too.