Expected Xbox 360 Sales During Holiday Season

Through September, NPD data shows that Xbox 360 hardware sales in the U.S. were 2.7 million units. Wedbush Morgan expects monthly sales of 250,000 units in October, 750,000 million units in November, and between 1.5 - 2 million units in December. Wedbush comments: "Sell through of Xbox 360 hardware could be higher if the supply situation for the PS3 falls well short of demand, with many holiday gift givers likely substituting purchases of the 360 in place of the PS3."

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BIadestarX4456d ago

Wow, I didn't think so many people were interested on the 360, "750,000 million units in November"... hehe... obviously they mean 750,000.

SPAWN4456d ago

Gears will be the spearhead of those 360 sales! With others of course like SVR 2007 and so-on

power of Green 4456d ago

I agree a soccer mom doesn't care about the same things 12 year old timmy and sue care about.

2tired2day2hate4456d ago (Edited 4456d ago )

if this is just the u.s. totals than ms would certainly hit 10 million by the end of the year like they said they would since they've already sold 6 million

shoota334456d ago

1.5-2 million during december lol.Haha wow these people are some kind of dreamers.

FadeToBlack4456d ago

Why do you live in such denial? Your such a hater you refuse to ackowledge the fact that the 360 is selling great and is a awsome consol. You think that the casual gamers and parents are gonna wait till at least march to see a ps3 on the shelf? And pay more money for launch games when they have a cheaper alternative with alot more games that they can buy right then and there for the holiday season? I think that 10 million worldwide is a conservative estimate, because when GOW reviews get out 360's are gonna rip off the shelves. And also for the kiddy's they will have viva piniata which will also boast some sales from the parents for this holiday season.

DJ4456d ago

over the course of an entire year. If anything, he's being realistic. (I think he was referring to U.S. sales, not worldwide).

BIadestarX4455d ago (Edited 4455d ago )

DJ the company that came up with these numbers is not microsoft. Do you expect Sony to be the one to make the numbers in order for you to at least consider the possibility that it can happen? I for myself know at least 4 close friends that are waiting for december to buy a 360. Some people are waiting for bonus or simply for someone to give to them. Why don't you look the stats from other years. December is the best month of the year for all consoles. Now this would be great for Sony but with so little consoles and the PS3 price difference, how is this hard to believe?
It seems that the only company that you actually trust is Sony; It wouldn't surprice me if you have a tatoo on one of you butt cheeks that says, "I'm Sony's B****". I'm sure you are one of those that managed to get a PS3 pre order; I really hope you get one. I also pre-ordered mine, but with all the news about even further shorages I dougth I will get mine. Besides with so many games for the 360 comming and more importantly widely available, I'm sure the wait will be a lot easier.

TheMART4455d ago

DJ that's not realistic.

For Christmas, millions of people buy consoles as a present. During the year that's less.

So yeah it's for sure possible to sell that much consoles.

Especially now the major killing apps are here

Gears of War for adults

Viva Piniata for younger gamers


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