1000 Games Played 600 Platinums, 30,000+ Trophies Unlocked

In this video you will see Hakoom unlock his 600th plat with a game called Hotline Miami.
He will also answer his fans questions.
He has also played 1000 games and unlocked over 30000 Trophies !

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CaEsAr-2855d ago

That's pretty sad IMO..

Hakoom2855d ago

yup coming to a gaming site and calling gamers sad :D

CaEsAr-2855d ago

Well I come here to follow news about my HOBBY, which is obviously gaming. But when this hobby takes over my entire life and time, just to collect trophies so I can brag about, that's when it becomes sad.

You're not a gamer, just a collecter. Playing for fun is different you know.

GrizzliS19872855d ago

he seems like a cool guy that loves games. Sony should endorse him, i would :/

shoddy2855d ago

Now he is a true hardcore gamer.
He should be title king of gaming

Bowzabub2855d ago (Edited 2855d ago )

Congrats Hakoom. I just know you got that carpal tunnel. Little bit of monk thumbs too. I'm closing in on level 30. Add me on PS4 because I know you got that shit. BaalZevuv. I'd definitely prefer to have you on my team. ;).
Oh and yeah... Fugg the haters. Only God should judge. But I don't buy trophies. I earn 'em.

mattdillahunty2855d ago (Edited 2855d ago )

Hakoom, can you get the Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 trophies yourself, in a legit way? can you beat Ultimate Ninja 1 and 2 in team mission mode yourself, as Ryu? no cheats, glitching, anything like that.

just curious.

NeoTribe2855d ago

Way to manipulate what he said into something much more broadely insulting. He never said gamers are sad, but you already know that. This one particular person is sad. I have over 2000 trophies and people think that's crazy, this is obsurd. There's no way you could be a normal contributing human being in the world with a vame score like that. Thats liderally sitting at home in front of the screen for 24/7. Its sad, like said above.

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ZBlacktt2855d ago ShowReplies(4)
Hakoom2855d ago

i have played 1000 games on ps3 1000 on ps2 and 1000 on ps1
iam sure iam a gamer :p

Hakoom2855d ago

seriously.. are you a kid? i heard you was 40 something..
pls grow up
iam sick and tired of repeating and replying with the same shit everytime..
you just shut it if u dont have proof..
all the stuff you wrote is invalid and shows no proof of any hacks or even CFW..
i sell trophies so what? iam doing a living out of them.. atleast i do them legit.. not hacks
and stop sending ppl msgs about ther replies.. on my articles
iam just amazed that admins dont ban you here..
if you type this shit on forums you would of been band ages ago..
grow up seriously..

GentlemenRUs2855d ago

That comment above this one... Just wow!

You SIR just lost all respect!

MasterofMagnetism2855d ago

How do you have the time to play so many games? Where do you get all of those games? You buy them, rent, borrow from friend?

Goro2855d ago

@Conan-O-Brady Shut the hell up and show some proof before accusing him of cheating/hacking.

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jerethdagryphon2855d ago (Edited 2855d ago )

There are a few known hackers with ridiculous trophy counts you can twll by looking at profile and seeing timestamps

But I havent seen much evidence on hakoom. Its possible its a colabwration which is fine but otherwise ive managed 60 in 6 years soon to be 61 but most of mine are long games

Skate-AK2855d ago

I am at around 65 in 3 or 4 years. I have a mixture of some 100 hour plats and some 10-15 hour plats.

Saints942855d ago (Edited 2855d ago )

The achievement on the thumbnail rains true.

Anyway, how is this even worthy of being accepted? Some random "Hakoom" just getting trophies?

Themba762855d ago (Edited 2855d ago )

hey hakoom aint you the guy that won the killzone suit? anyway what do you think of killzone shadowfall.

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