People are using the PS4 and PlayRoom to stream a call-in show

People are using the PlayStation 4 to stream a call-in show and people are actually calling in.

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JoGam2495d ago

Yes it true. I've seen this and thought this is definitely next gen gaming. Was just amazed at what people come up with.

G20WLY2495d ago

It's definitely a cool feature and could have some interesting, fresh uses. long as that idiot KSI doesn't get hold of it and give gamers a bad name. Thankfully he'll be on XBone. -_-

Sony need to watch this though, like Nintendo watch their service to make sure people don't abuse it.

JoGam2495d ago

Dude, everything you just said worries me. Those are the things I don't want to happen.

G20WLY2495d ago (Edited 2495d ago )

^Too late, 'boobygate' already happened :(

Someone was always going to do something like this. With the Wii U, people were drawing penises, which was equally "hilarious" :| smh

nirwanda2495d ago

Make it 18+, drew up guide lines people have to follow, and don't restrict people too much and the cream will rise to the top.
Vote for idiots you don't like by not watching them.

Godmars2902495d ago

You forget/don't know about the guy who flashed his wife's breasts?

They're going to have to set up some kind of screening process or delay.

PoSTedUP2495d ago

im going to use it to sell my body. said every stripper ever.
this is going to be awkward... as if HighStakesOnTheVegasStrip: Poker Edition's video cameras werent weird enough! loool. they sure had some crazy stuff going on late-night..

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ATiElite2495d ago ShowReplies(9)
Grave2495d ago

The guy and his wife are pretty cool and the show is funny cuz it's all made up as they go along. I've watched a bit in the past two days and really enjoyed hangin out with everybody there. I think we will see many more of these shows compete with each other in the future.

HmongAmerican2495d ago

They just want attention. They're are not really into playing videogame. I stop after the dude said Uncharted was on PC.

HaveAsandwich2495d ago

the problem is, from the one positive show (spartan), came a drunken slurry of copycats streaming themselves acting like idiots.

snittolo2495d ago

lol go go neogaf/4chan spam in all the stream popping up, it has actually been entertaining!

Grave2494d ago (Edited 2494d ago )

I won a copy of BF3 hahahah! They had a caller get one of the Miami Heat to help give the 4>1 sign. Such an EPIC night!

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