Crash Bandicoot Coming Back to PlayStation Officially Hinted?

Someone has found a sign in the official PS4 promotional video that direcly relates to Crash being bought by Sony off of Activision. Also could Naughty Dog have done a direct reference to them buying Crash? Watch the full video to see.

iGAM3R-VIII3840d ago (Edited 3840d ago )

I just realised this and it was brought up in this video,

In the uncharted 4 teaser the narrator says, "I've been left to rot for,15 years". Keep in mind Naughty dog is doing this game and they also did crash. The crash game I think was 15 years ago next year which was the crash bandicoot racer. This is a DIRECT CROSSOVER. does this indeed mean ND bought Crash back as they had said in the Uncharted 4 teaser and the rotting for 15 years?? Is two games coming to us amazing ps4 and ps3 gamers???

solidsheep3840d ago

Didn't crash come out in 1996 so it would be 17 years.

Its probably not gonna be Naughty Dog who make this game. One reason I think its not gonna be ND is, because the ND team we see now barely has any of the people that were responsible for creating Crash.

If I was a betting man I would place my money on Sony Bend or the guys that did Sly Cooper.

Qrphe3840d ago

Sanzaru did an unbelievable job with Thieves in Time. Sony should buy them so they take care of the good old pre-6th gen IPs. It's not like they're AAA budgeted games anyway

BX813840d ago

I hope not, I always thought crash sucked. ND has too much talent for this.

kingrev3840d ago (Edited 3840d ago )

I think one of the best developers that can take over crash is MM, just look a tearaway they have done a fantastic job with that

pedrof933840d ago (Edited 3840d ago )

That sign that the arrow is pointing means that the road that you are has priority.



I can tell you that this sign is present in numerous European countrys.

I don't think that's anything, unfortunately.

ShinMaster3840d ago (Edited 3840d ago )

I want to see Naughty Dog's vision for a new Crash Bandicoot game.
The thought must have crossed their minds at some point, so they must have some ideas floating around there...

MajorLazer3840d ago


Crash Bandicoot is still arguably the best games ND ever created

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TheGrimReaper00113840d ago

I read that Activision still owns the crash bandicoot license
People are mostly basing this on the commercial, but what most seem to miss is that it's showing all kinds of popular games
I mean, Parapa the rapper is also in the commercial
Does that mean we will get a sequal to that?
I really hope we get another crash bandicoot, but i seriously doubt that sony got the franchise back
However, if they get a deal with activision to make a game only for ps4, then I will be happy
I hope it would also happen with Spyro.
God i luv those franchises

McScroggz3840d ago

To be fair, there are strong rumors that a new Parapa is being made.

Also, no chance in hell Sony could get Spyro back. He is tied inextricably with Skylanders which is making Activision a lot of money.

BlakHavoc3840d ago

No, just no, the 15 year thing likely is referring to the Pirate Henry Every who pulled off one of the richest heists ever, I guess he left his men behind and took off with all the loot lol, my story is a bit off but an article recently placed on n4g right after the ps4 launch event broke the trailer down pretty good, I checked all the articles sources and they are legit. Besides why would ND promote another game in an UC trailer?

Lord_Frieza3840d ago

How do we know if the guy talking in the uncharted teaser is actually Crash!

Godmars2903839d ago

"Crash Badicoot: Back from the Uncharted Zone!"

It would be a hoot if the "Uncharted" teaser turned out to be that.

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majiebeast3840d ago

It has to happen. Sony and Activision both cant comment cause the deal is in legal procedure.

Nujabes_3840d ago (Edited 3840d ago )

Sony confirmed that Activision sill owns the IP. The only way this can happen is if they secure an exclusive contract with Activision which is something I find hard to happen.

calis3840d ago

If they are currently in talks, as suggested above, then Sony is correct in saying Activision still own the IP.

Says nothing to the possibility of them buying it back or in talks to do so.

It's paper-thin at the moment, but that could be a reason for that comment.

Soldierone3840d ago

Doesn't prevent it from being sold to someone else though. Crash went from Sony to Universal to Activision. Activision could sell, doesn't mean it's back to Sony, could be anyone.

With the anticipation behind it for All-Stars, I don't see why not.

Just sucks that Spyro is screwed no matter what thanks to Skylanders.

bmb51503840d ago

@Soldierone Sony never owned Crash ever. Universal owned the rights to that IP in which they merged in with Activision years ago. Same thing with Spyro. I don't know why people know that those two were Universal's IP and not Sony's. Not complaining at you just wanted to get that out there. If anything, Universal only were the handler's of the IPs and Sony published the games for Spyro and Crash so Universal just gave cash and earned cash while not really doing anything gaming related.

DOMination-3840d ago

My understanding was Universal owned ND but when Sony purchased ND they acquired the IP as well

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Hitman07693840d ago

@Soldierone Activision made a statement tonight that they still own it guys. Catch up...

Maldread3840d ago

Hopes it happens, but i don`t think ND will be doing it as they have too much going on already.

Double Eleven and Tarsier Studios which made LBP Vita should do it :)

BlakHavoc3840d ago (Edited 3840d ago )

I don't understand why anyone would want Sony's top studio working on a game like Crash, when they can be working on a sequel to TLOU or making a brand new IP. That studio is way too talented and i'm sure Sony understands they need big AAA titles from ND to help push the consoles sales, Crash Bandicoot isn't going to do that. If this game is revived, i'd like a different studio with not so much pressure to do the game.

Enemy3840d ago


...was the first hint.

Then it was Activision removing all Crash-related stuff from their website.

This is yet another hint. Boyes is either lying or doesn't know yet.

porkChop3840d ago

That sign was definitely there for a reason. Why else would Sony make that sign to put it in the trailer?

-Foxtrot3840d ago

They could of just used the Crash silhouette but they went a step further and added the arrow and the orange diamond which looks like their old logo.....why

This must be true

Hitman07693840d ago

Your eyes are just seeing what they want to see after somebody already misled you with the fake rumor.