GTA IV for PC coming November 30?

With the launch of Grand Theft Auto IV upon us, many Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 owners are more than ready to get started on the title, but will PC gamers have something to look forward to this November?

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Noodlecup3878d ago (Edited 3878d ago )

My PS3 copy will arrive tomorrow but I'll still be picking it up for PC when it's out for that silky smooth framerate and over 16 man multiplayer courtesy of dedicated servers :D (lets hope they manage 100 man servers like multi theft auto did with san andreas)

andyo133877d ago

multiplayer in games is great and all. but in a world the size of gta, its an uncomon event to come across each other. its like having you and 15 other mates try and find each other in new york.
but then again i havn't played gta 4 so they may of gotten around that somehow.
btw gta:sa did have multiplayer on ps2. it just really sucked lol

599 US Dollars3878d ago

Will definitely be better than the BS3rd verion.

(ps3 also has an attach-rate lower than Wii LOL)

ICUP3878d ago

Time to change account troll. XD

3878d ago
PopEmUp3878d ago (Edited 3878d ago )

doesn't seem to quit but he still get ownz like getpwnz hey where sammy
show this two which version is superior Ps3 or 360 cause these seem to confuse them

Pain3878d ago

Man u a Sad delusional kid.

Fact PC Version is the REAL XBOX Version...Not the Hold back on that Over Priced old gen PC hardware u kids call XBOX 360.

and are u running out of things to bash PS3 with u use Attach rates ??? wow u sad...sad...sad..kid.

and dont PM me crying pwnd..dont need to lose a I.Q point reading what crap u have to spew.

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tamd3878d ago

gta 4 on pc will be the best among console later but worth waiting

fermcr3878d ago

Yep... waiting for the PC version... no rush :)

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DevonTheDude5353878d ago

Hate to rain on the party but I heard that Rockstar has a press statement saying that a PC is NOT coming out. I hope it does though, I could not imagine the system requirements though

TheIneffableBob3878d ago

No, what you read was a blog post that gave no source.

DevonTheDude5353877d ago

Dude it was the co-founder of Rockstar, he spoke about it in that press release where he said he preferred the PS3 version of GTA4, it's on the N4G website.

zslash3877d ago (Edited 3877d ago )

Rockstar has yet confirm a PC release of the game, but hasn't denied one either.

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The story is too old to be commented.