Xbox One Achievements Don't Unlock While Offline

Playing games on Xbox One while offline? You'll have to wait for the notification to pop.

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bub163352d ago (Edited 3352d ago )

Really. That's pretty stupid!! Surely this can be fixed in an update?

cleft53352d ago (Edited 3352d ago )

This is probably just some legacy stuff from the original plan. I am sure it will get taken care of but people do need to be loud about stuff like this otherwise it will be deemed acceptable and nothing will get done.

I am happy people was loud about the mp3 and dlna issue with the PS4, now that is getting fixed. Being quite about a problem never helps the consumer. Most companies only do what needs to be done and not what is the right thing to do.

nukeitall3352d ago (Edited 3352d ago )

Actually that is by design!


The simple reason is people used to unlock achievements offline, and then go online to have their achievement synced online. This means that it was way easier to cheat your way to achievements by external applications.

This new way, ensures that you met the criteria to receive the achievement verified online. The achievement for the most part is really only useful if your console is connected online for others to see.

So this seems like a well thought out engineered effort.

XisThatKid3352d ago

Hmmmm.....damn, I'm the only one that agrees? guess so.
This IS true though

kreate3351d ago (Edited 3351d ago )

This is how the ps3 works yet, most ppl laughed at the ps3.

All of a sudden this is a good thing?


That is where the disagrees comes from.

Gamer19823352d ago

MS trying to forced the online still I see..

Gamer19823352d ago

Its not a big deal soon as you connect they pop up. Meaning they are server based rather than local based. This is to take stress off the machine. We all know the less this thing has to load up the better right now as it needs all the memory it can get in the fight against PS4.

IAmSovereign3352d ago

Good to know the xbox one can't even handle its own achievements. The machine will explode if they aren't offloaded to the cloud.

LXGYT3352d ago

The achievements are all stored on the cloud now, i know you guys dont want to hear it but what this means is that achievements are no longer tied to the disk and developers can go in and tune achievements whenever they feel need be, hope this clears this up, its not a problem in my opinion

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ShowGun9013352d ago


in reality not a big deal, just kinda lame... its just little stuff that makes you think, "they didn't think this through, did they?"

lets hope its patched, but still, very minor lol

WeAreLegion3352d ago

Agreed. A patch will fix that, easily.

Gamer19823352d ago

There's nothing to fix.. Having them online is better for the console as it uses less memory leaving more for games. Some people are never satisfied..

sincitysir13352d ago

Is that a joke? How much memory as u say, can a little popup message take? Ur being ridiculous

WeAreLegion3352d ago

Forgot to flip a switch, eh?

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The story is too old to be commented.