Microsoft’s Phil Harrison responds to review scores for Xbox One launch games

Microsoft’s Phil Harrison has provided a response in regards to the review scores of Xbox One launch games.

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sonofmrpsychotic3411d ago

Forza looks amazing. Dead rising is awesome and ryse.... even though it got low rating. I just love roman stuff. Gladiators are awesome.

LGM3133411d ago

Thats your opinion, 95% of the reviews sites think different.

I_am_Batman3411d ago

Why should he care what others think if he likes the games.

Angainor73411d ago

Reviews can tell whatever they want.. i enjoy ryse as hell, i don't care about the reviews. i LIKE it, got it?

theRell3411d ago

At the end, who's opinion really matters?

georgeenoob3411d ago


Cause it's n4g.

MrCrimson3411d ago Show
mcstorm3411d ago

I am loving Forza 5 at the moment and reason I got the Xbox one over ps4 I also have ki which is great pickup and play fun but I have had a look at rise on the upload app and wow that game looks impressive and fun. I'm going to pick it up at some point and I agree reviews don't matter get the games you want and like.

gameonbro3411d ago

guess what, those are also freakin opinions and they are like a-holes everybody has one

omi25p3411d ago (Edited 3411d ago )

im loving Ryse, Forza, Killer Instict and Dead Rising. It says alot about reviewers when Ryse is a well made game and isnt overrun with bugs and glitches yet it gets a lower score than most unplayable game.

If you find it repetitive or not its still better than games that dont work.

Having played all 3 major exclusive launch titles this is how i rate them

Ryse: 8/10
+ Amazing graphics, great voice acting, Stellar Combat. - Can get repetitive and lacks variety. (Dont most games?)

Dead Rising 3 7/10
+ Ridiculous amount of zombies on screen, Great combat and customisation, great graphics, decent voice acting and good co-op
- Voice controls can screw you over, Time limits.

Forza 5: 7/10

+Beautiful graphic, Top gear, realistic driving mechanics, In-depth customisation, Drivatar is genius.

- Removing some features, Still Lacks realistic weather, Car damages is adverage.

Funantic13410d ago

Ryse is good. It's funny how some reviews say it has no plot or great dialogue but the majority of regular players say it's great. No there's no deep story like the caesar getting poison or anything outrageous but it is straight to the point fun. The action is great but the cinematic scenes are like out of a Hollywood movie. No way is Resogun better than Ryse. That's for sure. And it doesn't have a deep plot either.

kreate3410d ago

Cuz the 95% is probably telling the truth if it's really 95%.

The 5% who think a game is that great are probably the fanboys.

AnthonyJrWTF3410d ago

Same with some of the Ryse comments above. I absolutely love the game, and it looks beautiful. Not sure what some of the reviewers were looking for.

Picnic3410d ago

Doesn't mean the other 5% can't be the right ones.
Or at least of equal correctness.

UnHoly_One3410d ago

Ryse is awesome. I don't care what anyone says.

The combat reminds me of the first Assassins Creed, only deeper and not reliant on countering.

It's really a blast.

miDnIghtEr20C_SfF3410d ago

I wonder if you were that keen on reviews when Forza rocked GT5 last gen.

PawnSacrifice3410d ago

I downloaded Ryse Day 1 (along with Forza, AC4, BF & Ghosts) & gotta say Ryse is the best looking game that I've seen.
It's drop dead gorgeous!
Yeah it has QTEs, but believe it or not I got the game for the SP story so the cinematics only adds to it for me.

madpuppy3410d ago

I think that dark sector was/is a great game and it was panned by reviewers, the good, games that have bad reviews are cheap! The bad, you will most likely never see a sequel to a poorly reviewed game. even though, "War Frame" is a spiritual successor to Dark Sector. (Or what the Original vision for Dark Sector was supposed to be.)

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solar3410d ago

i have no horse in this stupid fanboy console race, but I_am_Batman has posted the best comment ive seen here in a long time. cheers mate.

jonli13410d ago

everyone have their own opinions anyway i dont go by critics if i did i had no life

Ritsujun3410d ago

Xbone180'd, and Xbone720p'd.

kreate3410d ago


if its of equal correctness.
than the ratio should be 50/50.
not 95/5.

ChrisW3409d ago (Edited 3409d ago )

[currently] 7 disagrees and my comment got collapsed for being "immature"...

Hmmm... someone with multiple logins forgot to click "disagree!"

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SmielmaN3411d ago

Forza and Ryse were downgraded huge and dead rising chugs and drops frame rates. Enjoy the MS lies you've been fed brother. I won't waste another cent on their gaming console after my personal 360 debacles.

LordDhampire3411d ago

But dead rising is teh fun, and if it does well they will probably make a multiplat dead rising 4

theRell3411d ago (Edited 3411d ago )

Funny to bring up "downgrades" from E3. Is any game the same from E3 to release? Have we forgot about Killzone 2 or Halo 2 at E3? We're almost never given what's revealed.

Mac4203411d ago

Actually comparison's showed Killzone 2's final build beat out the tech demo shown 2 years prior. But who cares very few like it I sure don't , Single player is decent an Multiplayer is just horrible trya to be to many games at once IMO.

Just another decent game with amazing eye candy to hype people up, same goes for Ryse. All these games will be forgotten come spring. These were just marketing ploys.

n4rc3410d ago

Lol.. Its funny how people still dont understand how this crap works..

You can always find crap to hate on... Wanna bash Xbox and its games?

Well I can say resogun is a 30 year old arcade game and killzone hides its framerate issues with slo mo shooting..

See how that works? Bet if you enjoy them anyways, my opinion is worthless to you..

Now you know how we feel.. Lol

ambientFLIER3410d ago

Lol, I love how people talk about Ryse being downgraded. I presume they're talking about the polygon thing. Yet Ryse now looks better than Ryse before...

UnHoly_One3410d ago

I played dead rising with a buddy for hours yesterday and it runs great. I don't know what the reviewers were doing, but I saw no frame rate issues at all. Same with Ryse. It seems to run fine to me. Maybe they didn't have the day one patches when they did their reviews, I don't know.

robotgargoyle3410d ago

Have you even played the console? If the games have been downgraded, it must be minor- they look great!

And Dead Rising 3's framerate is pretty damn solid- even with shit tons of zombies on the screen.

I have Forza 5 and DR3. Both look and play great.

Jazz41083410d ago (Edited 3410d ago )

seems like poor hatets have nothing to play so they have to come in and put down Xbox articles on a known ps4 fan site. Xbox guys just go to reddit where the mods will not let this biased trash go on. N4g caters to whichever site down votes the most and the Xbox guys get hammered on here. Reddit is a truly neutral site that will let both sides state there opinions without allowing either side to be called names and shoe childish behaviour because they may not like another gamers choice. It's sad we have to defend other gamers when we should be a community of one and not this divided nonsense that brings nothing but hate. I am taking my self off of this site and I hope anyone who really cares about gaming more than just bringing in hits needs to do the same as it's been getting worse the 7 years I have stuck around here trying to have a intelligent conversation without being de bubbled and insulted. We as gamers need a place where we can be gamers and talk freely with one another without the mods looking at who's bringing in numbers. N4g is not a gamers site anymore but a site to insult the minority. Good luck to the ones who are truly passionate about gaming as we love you.

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hellzsupernova3411d ago

played forza it doesnt look amazing when you play it, it barely looks much better then forza 4. Dead Rising however is awesome fun, ps4 launch next week cannot wait to get a real comparison of both consoles

dansdooz3411d ago

Forza 5 loooks amazing on my 50" plasma much better than 360, the whole system is sick as hell, multitasking like a mutha...

hellzsupernova3411d ago

you have had a better experiance with it then i have then. playing it on a 50inch plasma myself. the downgrades are obvious and piss me off.

3411d ago
BTBuck13411d ago

Saying Forza looks amazing really sets the bar pretty low for next gen.

sonofmrpsychotic3411d ago

This is the same they say about talking to a TV (kinect) ... it feels like the future. Enjoy ur consoles guys. I have both and they are both great .

xXxSeTTriPxXx3410d ago

Could not have said it any better.nail on the head.

Magicite3411d ago

Forza looks even worse than Rivals.

3411d ago
MysticStrummer3411d ago

"Forza looks amazing"

…and thus the bar for "amazing" was set very very low.

Drive Club looked better even before Forza was downgraded.

SpinalRemains1383411d ago

The cars are beautiful. The scenery and people, not so much. They are 100% last generation graphics without AA and lots of jaggies.

It is what it is. It got downgraded and the results are nowhere near what they showed at E3

captainbigballs3411d ago

Poor guy, he liked xbox and expressed his opinion, and was flanked by biased PS4 fans. RIP, sonofmrpsychotic

R3ddBuddah3410d ago

where did it state it was PS4's at all? ever think it was xbone fans who are upset with teh game? no, RIP, your brain.

captainbigballs3410d ago

@R3ddBuddah LOL. Yeah dude, my brain is fried. Word to your grammar.

3-4-53411d ago

I've enjoyed plenty of 5/10, 6/10 games.

Some have a certain charm

Don't ever let anyone convince you that you shouldn't try a certain game, but also listen to advice.

Prime1573410d ago

Eh, after I started typing this I realized I was responding to the wrong person: I meant to respond to LGM313 after responding to you.

I agree, it's all opinion-based. I am a huge Sony Fanboy, literally, I would kill for the reviews to be better for Knack and KZ.. However, they aren't...

You (sonofmrpsychotic) are entitled to enjoying whatever game you want and that is a great thing. 95% of the sites disagreeing with you are true on either side of the MS/Sony spectrum (as most of each game's scores are 70ish percent).

An example of KZ vs Ryse. I love KZ:SF... the ending (chapter 6 and later) was amazing; chapters 1-5 have nothing on after echo (spoiler?) helps (/spoiler) you.

However, Ryse, as much as the button mashing feels like 'Knack' which feels less than what I want ("firevolley" for the win). Yes, Ryse feels like Knack in the long run, however, Knack didn't try to be next gen.

Scrivlar3410d ago

I think Ryse starts off quite weak but the further into the story you get the better the game feels in my opinion, And also agree with the Roman aspect, It's just cool.

ma1asiah3410d ago (Edited 3410d ago )

@ sonofmrpsychotic

I'm with you on this one granted my X1 has been packed away until Christmas time so only got 6 hours to jam on my new X1.

Killer Instinct, I brought the Ultra edition and I can't praise the game enough even with a such a small roster, (it also came packed with the full SNES version which I haven't tried as of yet. The game simply rocks and is the best fighting title I have played in a long time.

COD Ghost played a few online matches while mucking around with the dash board etc and found the game ran like a gem online no disconnects or host migration in site and graphically yes its not the the game that you show all your mates what the power of next gen brings to the table but even still comparing it with my X360 version, well all I can say is there is a big difference between the two on a cosmetic level at least.

Ryse Son Of Rome I played a bit on the hardest difficulty and found it to be a blast to play man those visuals are jaw dropping.

Got to try the X1's Internet explorer, personally it runs better than my windows 8.1 version on my laptop, man is it fast and a very awesome experience at least in my opinion.

I had 7 people over at the time 3 of my kids, my 2 brother in laws, my wife and myself.

We all jumped in and man signing in using Kinect 2.0 is friggen awesome so friggen quick. It did have a few hiccups where it got confused and would sign the wrong person in or wouldn't recognise the person so would just sign you in as a guest account. Still it worked more times than it didn't very impressed.

The only thing that bugged me was the long install times but hey nothing is perfect I guess.

Like I said I only spent 6 hours with the X1 and Killer instinct was the game that got the most play time like 3 hours out of the full 6 hours to be precise. Yet as of right now I think it is an awsome console and can't wait to explore it some more and actually get to play Dead Rising 3 which I never actually got to play at all which I am bummed out that I didn't get to play it at all, still from Christmas Day it is all on for sure.

Cueil3410d ago

Ryse is awesome... personal opinion of course, but all the reviewer points I don't really understand I think the voice over is good and the action never gets to bland... this is a case of having to pound through a game

Simmy443410d ago

"I love Roman stuff"

What a valid reason.............

Pope_Kaz_Hirai_II3410d ago

sonofmrpsychotic + 20h ago
Forza looks amazing. Dead rising is awesome and ryse.... even though it got low rating. I just love roman stuff. Gladiators are awesome.

Jokesonyou his 3rd account

Retroman3410d ago (Edited 3410d ago )


why on earth would you like anything about Roman Gladiators? hell, guess you like everything illuminati like they love killing people for money you like that too??.

Sarcasm3410d ago

I'm sorry, after reading about how Forza is monetizing cars, there's zero chance that game should be supported.

Xbone fans are right, graphics aren't everything. What's worse is them nickel and dollaring you. That's right, I made that up. Nickel and dollaring. $100 for 1 DLC car is outrageous.

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lifeisgamesok3411d ago

Ryse is freaking awesome once you learn the mechanics like mixing heavy and light attacks, throwing pilas, chaining executions and using focus power

The story is awesome too

Everyone that has bought it is loving it

This game made me question journalists and the media

Kayant3411d ago

Opinions oh how do they work again.....

MrCrimson3411d ago

Honestly, I've heard similar things. My cousin raves about it but all my other buddies are saying that they aren't purchasing it because of the reviews.

NeoTribe3411d ago

Quit lieing dude. A bad game is a bad game. You like it, that's cool. Most didn't like it.

sonofmrpsychotic3411d ago

I totally agree with you bro. This game deserves an 8 or 9 out of 10. I'm living it.

lifeisgamesok3411d ago

Yes they could've at least given it a 8. There's no way possible this game is a 6. Ryse has everything great graphics n gameplay and a good story with a twist

SpinalRemains1383411d ago

Its a 5 hour game.

I won't spend 60 bucks on a 5 hour game. That's a slap in the face. All games are on Blu Ray now and therefore the developers should be giving us a little more, not less.

Volkama3411d ago (Edited 3411d ago )

It's a superb game. And no more repetitive than your Gears of Wars or Uncharteds.

It should gain points for stunning graphics and good presentation on top of it's solid and satisfying gameplay imo.

It should lose points for the length of the campaign (probably, I haven't finished it to verify that), and the multiplayer reward structure (microtransactions).

7s and 8s imo. And a great launch game.

Takwin3410d ago

You didn't just compare Ryse to Uncharted? I seriously laughed OUT LOUD at my house at 6am.

Thank you for that! LOL for real.

Volkama3410d ago

Sure, I compared a minute element of Ryse to mainstream popular games. The fact that it is inherently repetitive, you perform the same actions repeated. Shooting, jumping hacking, slashing, it's all repetition if you want to perceive it that way.

Besides which Uncharted isn't the holy grail you imply it is. Scanning the screen for the correct nook or cranny to climb is not fun, and none of the other gameplay elements (stealth, shooting) are very well executed either imo.

Not expecting to influence your opinion, I just found your response quite narrow minded.

ma1asiah3410d ago (Edited 3410d ago )

@ lifeisgamesok

Amen buddy granted I have only played an hours worth on the hardest difficulty and everything you have said is exactly how I would describe it as well and I have hardly scraped the surface with this game.

Still the litle bit I have played was a blast.

So glad I do not base my purchasing decisions based on review scores.

ThanatosDMC3410d ago

Wow, if you people give this joke gameplay a pass not to mention the horrible transition between combos and insta-snap on to an enemy "lock-on", then no wonder we have that pos DmC game.

Sarcasm3410d ago

Right this is coming from the same guy harping about how 720p is clearer than 1080p, or how the reviews of Knack and Killzone supposedly show how bad the PS4 is. Yet now Ryse is a stinker and it makes you question journalists and the media? God I hope I never see you in person because I'd lose some serious brain cells.

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eternalice3411d ago

Microsoft is in serious denial the Xbox One is ALREADY showing signs of SEVERE limitations. Cross gen games with average graphics cant run on the One at 1080p this is a serious problem that no one seems to be addressing. Just look at the downgrades made to Forza just to get it to run and thats an on rails racer with baked shadows. Its only a matter of time before it becomes obvious (to everyone) how limited this "next gen" machine really is.

MrCrimson3411d ago (Edited 3411d ago )

You are funny. The playstation if superior than the Xbox would be so only by maybe 10-15 percent. They have similar CPU/GPU the Xbox OS has a larger overhead than the PS OS and the Xbox has a slightly smaller amount of ram. If what you assert is true that the Xbox1 is not very next gen, then so too is the PS4 because they are very, very, similar machines.

They are not so drastically different from a hardware standpoint that one system is "next gen" and the other is not.

Gamer6663411d ago

The bigger question is why a PS fanboy is even interested in an X1 thread? They are apparently riding greatness so why even bother looking at X1 stuff? LOL!

eternalice3411d ago

Denial is strong with you EVERY single source has now said that the PS4 is between 30 to 50% more powerful than the Xbox One. It is no longer speculation but fact. The figure isnt even considering the 10% allotted to the Kinect or the Ones OS footprint

ThanatosDMC3410d ago


Where's your X1? Shouldnt you be playing?

I'm here because I dont have a PS4 yet. It's sold out everywhere I go and most stores that do have it say they cant sell it till Black Friday. However, there's three Xbones at my local Best Buy just sitting there. That's a bad sign.