The story behind the Resident Evil 4 that never was

Did you know Resi 4 was originally going to be like 'The Thing'? Rice Digital gets a first hand account of the story behind Resident Evil 3.5 - the Resi that never was.

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DaveyB2701d ago

Some really interesting things in that piece that I never realised. Sounds like they must have spend a fortune on all those revisions - some of them were quite far along as well if I remember correctly.

Was worth the wait though.

Inception2701d ago

I don't mind if they made RE 7 with this RE 4 prototype. Looks cool and remind me of the classic RE 1.

tigertron2701d ago

It's never too late for Capcom to make this RE7.

Kydawg2701d ago

난 내 마음이 행복 폭발 참을 수 없습니다!!!

Matt6662701d ago

The final version of RE4 sucked big time, it's what started the action BS, until Capcom go back to how RE was (I.E. RE1,2,3 and CV) I will not buy another RE

OrangePowerz2701d ago (Edited 2701d ago )

I remember seeing the videos before Resi 4 came out and I was so disappointed with the final result of the game, because that version looked like Resident Evil and unlike the final game it looked scary as well.

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