Double Agent Winter League on

Needless to say, ranked matches on the nex Xbox Live are a bit disappointing for those of us who want to play with our friends.  If Splinter Cell is your game of choice, though, were ready to slake your thirst for competition at!

Matches will take place at 6:30 PM EST on Saturday each week, and each week each clan will play one clan on one map for three games, and the winner of two of the matches will win the match. Each clan's wins and losses will be recorded, and at the end of the regular season, the two top clans will play each other in a best 3 out of 5 match, with the clan with the most wins choosing the map for the first games, their opposing clan choosing the next one, and so on.

A maximum of six clan members are allowed in this tournament. Each clan is allowed to substitute any or all clan members for another one in between games in each match.

If you are interested, apply with your clan here.

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Capt CHAOS4458d ago

They can sort out the time it takes to join a game.. AND there is no 'cancel' option..