Can Microsoft beat Sony in Japan? It is possible, and here's how it could happen.

A well documented piece that relays a possible scenario where Nintendo could help Microsoft do the impossible, outsell Sony in Japan. A long read but lots of links to facts and a very interesting topic.

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PS3alltheway4458d ago

man M'S hasn't beat PS1 ,PS2
over $220 million sold
xbox - xbox 360 ? 30 million ? thats a long way to go keep dreaming xbox

TheXgamerLive4458d ago

I don't like what if articles, b/c anybody can say anything they want in a what if senario.

ps3fan(boy) is still a joke.

Capt CHAOS4456d ago

How many have died or are on the scrap heap? How well did the higest grossing game on the PS platform do compared to Halo 2?

Capt CHAOS4456d ago

We're talking about the Japan market.. Erm.. I think a very slim chance. The problem is that if a game can sell 100,000 consoles (as it did on the 360), think of how many games will be coming on the Sony platform that'll sell 200,000 consoles? I'm sure for the Japanese market, there are heaps..

bung tickler4458d ago

did you guys even read the article? anyways you both must not be very big history buffs, cuz in case you didnt notice every empire falls sooner or later.... now just might be sony's time to die.

zypher4458d ago

empire? Microsoft's the true empire. sure, Sony's the dominate force in videogames, but it's other divisions (electronics, computers, movies, music etc) share in the likes of equal competition with Samsung, HP, Fox etc. Microsoft are a complete monopoly in the computer OS industry; they have been for the past two decades. the only reason they entered into the videogame industry is because they saw Sony as a threat in that sector. if there is any empire in this business it's Microsoft, not Sony.

bung tickler4458d ago

did i ever say MS wasnt? that still doesnt change the fact that sony is.... and MS still seems to be going pretty stong, sony however... not so much.

hamburgerhill4458d ago

It would be nice to see Sony reign come to an end in Japan! Everything here sounds realistic and possible if developers really want to make money! Really I wonder how big XNA will turn out and how it will change the face of gaming in the future! I read somewhere that MS opened is opening up a couple of university's just for people that want to study and understand XNA for future development!

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The story is too old to be commented.