Countdown to Launch - Tonight [XBox One]

Tonight! The Xbox One Countdown to Launch airs on Spike TV, GameTrailers and the GT Apps. Join us for the dawn of the next generation's Xbox.

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Enemy3891d ago

That was worded pretty sarcastically.

XB1_PS43891d ago

I more pictured it as kermit saying it. lol

GiantEnemyCrab3891d ago

He is a one sentence troll.

ThanatosDMC3891d ago

Wait, you're not Cpt. Obvious... whatever happened to his account???

Angels37853891d ago (Edited 3891d ago )

This event and how much is being put into it shows how well Microsoft knows how to market and how much money they have to spend. To the average person who is not a gamer and doesn't see the differences this is a big event that will probably get massive media coverage outside of spike. Microsoft know how to sell stuff....even if its really misleading hollow or just completely irrelevant to gaming.

Its the association they get the "all in one hip new thing that everyone wants. The thing the young crowd, the cool people want"

Their marketing pisses me off...especially since sony's is so weak in comparison (just being honest look at my comment history Im VERY pro playstation) Imagine if PS4 had Microsofts marketing...heck even when Microsoft kinda copied sonys "perfect day" commercial it was done better! It had obviously a bigger budget, famous people better CG and it makes you feel something towards the brand (IF you dont know any better like most of us). They grab more attention....But the good thing is PS4 wil probably sell more for gamers....but I have a nagging feeling that xbox could claim the casual market that wii left behind.... especially if it starts to go through cable providers.

heck casual gamers I know that are even on ps3 know when the xbox one is launching (even though they don't want it) I had to TELL them the PS4 was out because they had no clue!!! what if sony just grabbed the core market? What if Microsoft grab the wii's market?

Blachek3891d ago

Angels3785, the world would be a better place.

Then Nintendo could stop producing sub-par gaming consoles, and focus on developing games and apps for Sony & Microsoft. Increasing the install base of those that could enjoy their game catalog.

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stiggs3891d ago

Another informative and intelligent response from Steven3657.

Now THAT is sarcasm.

Yourpapa3891d ago

Let a new and even more terrifying war begin tonight.

duli143891d ago

Stop trolling people, I'm not excited for the Xbone but let the fans enjoy the moment.


the majority of gamers i know are getting a x1. the thing has potential no doubt. i went with the ps4 cause i knew the certainty of exclusives. i felt like ms stop caring about core gamng for thelast few years. if x1 shows me different then im down. yall have fun

3-4-53891d ago

Can't wait for ALBW...

I'm waiting on more games for both next gen.

Only thing I really don't like about xb1 is the ui & voicec command. Controller looks awesome.

Ashlen3891d ago

One things for sure "it's not easy being green".

Eddie201013891d ago

It's not so much that they know how to sell stuff its that they have the money to have commercials run during every break, constently. I cringe when I watch any event that Microsoft puts on. All the celebrity crap, stupid demonstrations, slimy reps. that seem disingenuous, its all flash and no substance. Apealing only to the.........

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Ilovetheps53891d ago

The last generation kind of flew by for me. It doesn't feel like I got my PS3 6 years ago. It was a fantastic generation. Hopefully the new one is just as good.

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Zeromoniker3891d ago

I'm actually looking fwd to Ryse tbh. Reminds me of Heavenly Sword on the PS3. I really enjoyed that.

A great-looking game but nothing too deep or too oomplicated. Seems to me it's doing what it set out to do; a bit of hack'n'slash to keep the gaming appetite going between sessions of BF4 and AC4 until Destiny and Titanfall.

ThanatosDMC3891d ago

Yes, buy it. Best game ever! Tell your friends to buy it too. Spread the word.

Nujabes_3890d ago (Edited 3890d ago )

Trying too hard to be funny imo.

Shnooze3890d ago

Wow, look at the disagrees.

"Since you're excited about a video game I don't like, that I've most likely never tried, you're an idiot."

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