Xbox One Pre-Orders: Microsoft Giveth — and Taketh Away

"As you prepare to pick up your Xbox One, you may be surprised to learn exactly how the pre-order payoff process works. It’s frankly like a console cock tease."

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nukeitall2865d ago

For the "cock tease" you got a $10 gift card. I wouldn't mind one myself!

P0werVR2865d ago

I regret pressing the read full story button

BX812865d ago

Lol same here, I thought it was console shortage.

Christopher2865d ago

And for that $10 gift card, he did exactly what MS wanted. He bought more stuff right away.

Good business, Microsoft. You guys are smart.

Zero sarcasm here. Microsoft knows what they're doing.

nukeitall2865d ago

Well, what else are you going to do with the gift card, but buy more stuff?

It is a business, not charity!

GiantEnemyCrab2865d ago

They are such teases! Just know your baby is waiting for you to pick up and it's good you are ahead of the process.

joab7772865d ago

I got 2 days to decide if I want my xbox one. I pre ordered it and paid it off but I got a ps4 in the meantime and I am happy with it. The question I really want a $500 enteetainment hub right now that I won't play games on til titanfall probably. Dont get me wrong...I love all the cool geeky features that I believe will change the way ppl interact with their livingroom devices, similar to the iphone with cell phones, but do I need it tomorrow?

harrisk9542865d ago

Based upon most of the reviews out there, probably not right now. ;)

Stick892865d ago

I would wait until the first price drop on the Xbox One. You have the console that will have the better versions of the multiplats and if you dig Sony's exclusive lineup than that's a bonus.

It seems a bit of the stuff on the Xbox One still has a couple tiny wrinkles and needs just a bit more ironing (and I'm sure they'll get it right). So unless you absolutely need to play Ryse, Forza, or DR3 right now, I would just wait till a price drop.

AlexanderNevermind2865d ago

This makes good sense... If you want Titan Fall on X1 bad enough hold the funds and get it then. Or get Titan Fall on PC like I will.

Funantic12865d ago

Keep your Xbox One. Get it out the way. I got a PS4 and will pick up my X1 tomorrow. I can't wait.

nukeitall2865d ago

I would keep the Xbox One Day One edition.

It is a special version!

Also, you can hook your PS4 into your Xbox One for ultimate experience.

AlexanderNevermind2865d ago


To be fair they say that the lag is a b when you do that.

nukeitall2865d ago


MS has already stated impercetible and meaningless lag if any.

Also tested by Eurogamer and a host of other sites:

ceedubya92865d ago

joab: If you are completely satisfied with what the PS4 offers you right now, then I would definitely suggest waiting until an XOne game comes out that you want play comes out before purchasing it. I had to make the same choice myself, but chose the XB over the PS4 until Infamous arrives. Just get it when it makes more sense for your gaming needs.

dcj05242865d ago (Edited 2865d ago )

Keep it. Sell it for 800 on ebay. Buy it later and and get games for it.

BX812865d ago

Keep it and sell it. The day one version probably won't be around for long.

Kryptix2865d ago

You said it yourself, you probably won't play on it till Titanfall.

My advice is to just use the PS4 till Microsoft gets the Xbox One sorted out. Remember when they said the drivers still require work? Maybe if you wait a couple months and they release patches for them, you can get the full experience later on when Titanfall releases. Just a plus if you wait a couple months down the road.

If you want to benefit by buying it and it now and sell it to someone that couldn't preorder it for a couple bucks more. You're going to be helping out a gamer out there in return.

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harrisk9542865d ago

Hmmm. Sony is actually giving a $10 PSN code in each PS4 sold. There was no nonsense about having to pay the console off in advance. The PSN code was in the box (along with a month of PS+ and a month of Music Unlimited). It is more marketing for MS that is a bit of smoke and mirrors.

Stick892865d ago

They should've just did what Sony did and boxed a $10 XBL store credit in the box (assuming they aren't). Seriously, that would've been an awesome gesture, more so than stipulating that you need to pay it off before 8pm tonight?

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