Video Game Consoles Make the Grade

Buying a video game system has evolved from guilty pleasure into a full-blown luxury expense. This holiday, the new PlayStation 3 will cost upwards of $800, including a few games and extra accoutrement. The Xbox 360 doesn't lag far behind at around $700, including the nifty new HD-DVD add-on.

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hamburgerhill4461d ago

Well not that it matters but both of my brothers are getting 360's this christmas!

bung tickler4461d ago

i didnt see where the got the $800 and $700 prices for the ps3 and 360 respectivly. other than that i agreed with most things they said aside from the fact that they rated the psp as high as they did it really should have gotten like a c+ i think. and the psp's stong point, homebrew, can also be had on the ds, infact its been had on the gba for some time and in many cases its easier, is a place to start.

84524459d ago

I think he said that just a Blue-Ray player(not the PS3)is $700 or $800

Maddens Raiders4461d ago (Edited 4461d ago )

This is hardly an objective "score card."

"Game Daily - The Independent Voice of Gaming"

- Yeah Right

Game Daily's owner is owned by AOLTIMEWARNER
which is owned by Turner which is owned by Universal & GeneralElectric who owns NBC and is partnered with Microsoft to form the ultimate bastion of truth and equality.....MSNBC (Right). So much for truth and objectivity - this guy has absolutely no idea what he's typing about:

"The Games At launch, Resistance: Fall of Man, a brutal, if somewhat generic, first-person shooter will be the game to beat. Ridge Racer 7, the latest in the long-running racing series, is also worth a look. There's Sonic the Hedgehog and Full Auto 2: Battlelines from Sega, both of which will be strong sequels."

Robert Workman needs to put the rock down and back away from the pipe.

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The Belkan War

eques judicii4461d ago

well... gamedaily has had more of a ps2 bias than anything else... but over time i have found that they are more unbiased than other places.. the did write that op-ed on why the ps3 won't fail.

wildcat4459d ago (Edited 4459d ago )

i don't think that they can grade the wii or the ps3 until at least a year.