Branching Dialogue: Who's to Blame for "Resolution Gate"

Game-Smack Ireland: It’s being nothing short of a shitstorm in recent weeks and now that next-gen is upon us, it seems like its calmed down somewhat. However, just last week, console wars have never been more volatile as they been over “resolution gate”. If for some reason you don’t know what this is, over the past few weeks a fraction of games have clarified that the PlayStation 4 version runs at 1080p while Xbox One versions run at 720p. Obviously this is a lot of p’s but how much does it actually matter, and who’s to blame for this kerfuffle? yup kefuffle.

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dedicatedtogamers1883d ago

Who is to blame?

Microsoft, for building a console incapable of handling higher resolutions (at least until better optimization is achieved)

Journalists like Sessler, for a ridiculous double standard.

That's about it. Gamers have a right to expect a jump from 720p (last gen) up to 1080p (this gen) if they're gonna drop $500 on a new system.