PSN EU issues mass password reset as “precautionary measure”

Sony has issued a mass mandatory password reset on the European PlayStation Network, although there has been no security compromise.

European PSN users have reported numerous sign in issues over the past few hours. According to a support reply on the PlayStation forums, the reason is that Sony has requested users change their passwords.

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ELCUCO3665d ago

Trying to be proactive it seems. Incase MS hired ninja nerds to hack into accounts.

ShinMaster3665d ago

This has less to do with PSN and more to do with SEN accounts in general.

Mkai283665d ago

You won't see anti Sony comments on here, where have you been the past 5 years?

dragon823665d ago

You people make me laugh. Quit trying to act like there is never any anti Sony comments on this site. Your comment right here is essentially an anti Sony comment itself. Grow up.

Mkai283662d ago (Edited 3662d ago )

I'm a year older then you, grow up he says, ( if it be you were born in 1982)and your discernment is wrong concerning being an "anti Sony" comment. It was aimed toward fanboys, not Sony. Anti Sony would be bashing its product, doing good or bad. You err in knowing the meaning of this because you let your love if a company cloud your judgment..

Yes I know it's anti Sony comments on here, but it's dominated by fanboys who have no thought on logic, often times responding other fanboys with Bias comments themselves and the lot favoring his comment with loads of agrees..

Example the first comment, he was expecting a fanboy comment because that's all his train of thought is negative towards its competitor. Yet look at the agrees he has for his comment being immature.. Seems like more ppl promote strife and bickering about what's better rather then a logical conversation..

dragon823661d ago

My love of a company? I buy every console each generation.

And the reason why there are so many "Vocal" PS fanboys these days is because of the crap they had to take from the 260 fanboys during the start of last gen. Every other article was either "PS3 is doomed", "PS3 has no games or "Sony is going to get out of the gaming industry".

And for the record, age has nothing to do with growing up. I was more of an adult at 19 than some people I know that are in their 40s.

isa_scout3665d ago

Better to be safe than sorry I guess. Hhopefully with users paying for PS Plus now Sony has more money to put into it's online infrastructure. Beef up that security Sony, beef it up.
No doubt there are some asshole hackers out there that would get a kick out of messing with the PS4 and XOne during or directly after they launch. Of course the PS4 hasn't released in EU yet so this is kinda sketchy.

wolfsaviorzx3665d ago

Hope everything is fine. Getting a Xbone soon but good luck PSFans, I mean it looks like you are getting Crash back so that's pretty epic.

isa_scout3665d ago

Thanks bro, Its always nice when we can all get along and be respectful to eachother. We're all gamers after all, well most of us anyway. I think some people just want to watch the world burn.

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What Sony’s $8 Billion Lawsuit Might Mean For The Gaming Community

Sony getting slapped with a hefty $7.9 billion lawsuit is probably not the win the gaming community thinks it is.

Kingrizzy9020h ago

Half of the people will buy games from the ps store again anyway so they will get some of it back anyways

derek20h ago

Just because a court doesn't dismiss a case from the outset for having zero merit, doesn't mean there is a likelihood of ultimate success.

realgamedev44m ago(Edited 30m ago)

The sad part of it all is that there is actual merit for monopolistic behavior both in the inability to offer Keys for "Virtual Goods" outside their own ecosystem (as in ps store) as well as outside the scope of the lawsuit as Sony has become very anti-consumer in the last decade. Thing is, in Europe if for example your child makes a purchase in the store and you try to refund it via the phone-support, they will inform you that they would have to BAN your PSN account in order to refund the order ... this is illegal and only possible through User Agreement loopholes.

I'm actually glad that Sony ended up in so much trouble* in the last couple of months for all this bs they have been doing for years now and for their "money-first we don't care about you" behavior. They got to the point where Jim Ryan had to be removed and an exec had to step into his position ... that's bad.

*by trouble I mean: Getting bad press, loosing the ABK bet and dropping their stock value, failing to corner the mobile market, failing to deliver a switch competitor, loosing Japan, failing to lobby in the US and classing with senators on trade agreements, projecting a bad image with the "we are nothing without COD" nonsense, not supporting old franchises with big Fan Basis (Jak & Daxter, Killzone, Resistance, Little Big Planet (studio was actually bought by tencent), trying to make every single release console exclusive without proper evaluation of said assets (Forspoken etc), not being able to deliver a robust streaming ecosystem (compared to competitors - Nvidia, MS etc), not being able to secure their own store (pirating directly from Sony's server), failing to corner Saudi Arabia FOR YEARS, falling behind in China, failing to compete with Steam Deck, rushing games like The Last of US remastered, having woke propaganda in their games and having to eventually rerelease in muslim countries without it in the end, vastly overpaying for Bungie etc.

UpvotedOpinions20h ago

The heart of the matter lies in Sony’s alleged monopolistic control over the sale of digital games and add-on content through the PlayStation Store. The claim asserts that Sony’s stringent terms and conditions imposed on game developers and publishers, along with a hefty 30% commission on each purchase, have led to excessive prices for consumers

Greedy and evil sony and sonys pro-microtransfer fanbase is hurting the gaming community, shame on sony and playstation for milking players and their parents!

1Victor19h ago(Edited 19h ago)

@Upvote:” The claim asserts that Sony’s stringent terms and conditions imposed on game developers and publishers, along with a hefty 30% commission on each purchase, have led to excessive prices for consumers”

It’s a well known fact for years that ALL DIGITAL STORES prey on game developers for the same 30% fees on each purchase.
Microsoft,Nintendo,Sony,Valve ,Google,Apple of the top of my mind does the 30% fees on purchases on their store.
Is this excessive? Yes
Is this predatory? Yes
Is this greed at its finest? Yes
Is it fair to single out one store over all others? NO

rlow119h ago

I hear you but lawyers always have a strategy. Sony is a much easier target than an Apple or Google. If the lawsuit wins, then you set a precedence to take on the bigger guys.