Newspapers deliver verdict on PS3

Sony's next generation console has made a big impact in today's newspapers – with The Guardian and Evening Standard offering very different opinions on the forthcoming PS3.

TheXgamerLive6410d ago

No, I'm not a sony fan but I also don't like how they try to make it look like an entire newspaper does or does not support a game console. it's only 1 writers views.

RFOM will be a very good title as will lair. Enjoy.

DEIx15x86410d ago

Newspapers don't matter anyway. None of their staff ever knows anything about gaming or technology. I remember reading a New York Times article last year about the 360 that had over half the information wrong. They just need to stop talking sometimes but never seem to know how.

FadeToBlack6410d ago

“The first thing that hits you is the quality of the graphics. They are incredibly detailed and fast, noticeably more so than Microsoft’s Xbox 360, and often tough to distinguish from video.”

More so than Microsoft's Xbox 360? Yeah..I've seen in game video of alot of these launch titles and I can confidently say they do not look any better than what the xbox 360 has done so far. Furthermore Gears of war looks better than any game to date not to mention the enemy AI and physics are far better than those of R:FOM. So I really dont know how that guy can come to such an incorrect conclusion of the PS3 games looking better than 360 games, especially 360 exclusives, if anything they look very similar to be perfectly honest.

Antan6410d ago

Because its his opinion. right or wrong, we all have em. Yours differ from his, and so on and so forth.

bung tickler6410d ago

sony has in the past "created" reporters/critics to say "XXXXX is really great! two thumbs up bla bla bla" they even got sued and lost over it here in the USA. So you cant really trust any of this garbage.

hres a link: http://movies.yahoo.com/mv/...

hamburgerhill6410d ago

I never knew that about Sony!

zypher6410d ago

that's a very arbitrary argument. so what, now are we to doubt every Playstation review there is, even the sound ones praising games like Ratchet and Clank, while dogging games like Killzone, simply because of Sony Picture's woes? besides, what does this have to do with SCE? if Sony has proven anything lately its that Division A operates under co-independence from Division B.

crazyman6410d ago

by any chance would devision A be the CEO's and division B the marketing department and PA team (or simply the rest of the world)

ApocalypseShadow6410d ago

microsoft lovers will continue to believe sony is paying off developers to say good things about ps3,paying the media and anyone else who sees the ps3 as being a better system out of the box than 360.maybe that's why they don't have as much money.we are all as a civilization being paid by sony."hey sony,where is my next check?" "i need it before i get my microsoft and nintendo checks next week."

EasilyTheBest6410d ago

Ps3 coming so late has caused major problems for Sony.... Ive said before that the Ps3 needs a huge buzz to be surrounding it for the 1st year, Ps1 had it and Ps2 certainly had that in droves, hence there was no chance for Sega with the excellent Dreamcast... The Papers keeps the momentum going for the average person (parant)creating what i can only call a Buzz about the console, something they should be buying... I can only ever remember the newspapers who seem to know nothing about consoles, going hysterical and believing everything from Sony hype about Ps2. Just saying, yes and i know its just the 1 paper, this aint a good sign for Sony..
If the buzz is, its not any better than 360 then Microsoft will win by a bigger margin than any1 ever expected....