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Forza Motorsport 5 review | Edge

The hallmarks of Forza Motorsport exist outside of the series’ handling model, which goes so far beyond mechanical obsession that it captures the fantasy of driving supercars rather than just the maths that makes them work.

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Community1792d ago
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Game-ur1792d ago

So far N4S is the highest rated next gen racer, if you asked anyone a day ago Forza5 would have been a safe bet to top it, didn't turn out like that.

OrangePowerz1791d ago (Edited 1791d ago )

They got off the track in Turn 10 and spun out.

Jokes aside. From what they have shown is that it looks nice, but isn`t really up to standards with pre backed lighting and so on, a small amount of cars and tracks and a season pass that costs almost the same as the game to add more cars and comes with a lot less functionality than the previous games.

Volkama1791d ago

I'm not sure any of the reviews have been critical of the lighting, or any other aspect of the visuals for that matter.

They all seem more disgruntled at the lack of content (or reduction from Forza 4), and a few don't like the AI.

Raf1k11791d ago

Lack of content likely due to a need to sell car packs maybe?

Normally you'd expect them to bring over at least the content they had in the previous game.

It's a very pretty game though so I'm sure a lot of people will enjoy it regardless.

OrangePowerz1791d ago


Could be that reviewers didn`t deduct any points for the static lighting, missing weather effects and so on as I was only reading a few of the reviews.

I`m sure people will enjoy it, but it doesn`t seem to be second coming that people believed it would be.

Boody-Bandit1791d ago (Edited 1791d ago )

I'm shocked that the media, for the most part, is given an honest assessment of this game. Visually it's not impressive enough, hold on a second before some get their panties in a bunch, to warrant Turn 10 cutting 400 cars and over a dozen tracks from Forza 4 to Forza 5.

If these graphics were mind bending it still doesn't warrant full MSRP when you give your fan base half the game it's predecessor was. It also points out what a shill Sessler is giving it a perfect rating.

Turn 10 should be ashamed of themselves to milk this game with DLC when they are charging full retail for half the content. I don't care who doesn't like what I'm about to say next. I hope this is by far the worst selling in the entire series. Maybe then Turn 10 will start listening to their fan base and give them what they ask for instead of what they want to give us.

Not that I care about review scores but at the rate this game is going it stands a chance of falling below an 8 overall rating. So like I said earlier in the week. Chillax fellows on the competitors over blown hardware reports and some of the lack luster review scores. Another console is about to release and you never know what might happen.

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StraightPath1791d ago ShowReplies(1)
DigitalRaptor1791d ago (Edited 1791d ago )

Deserves no more than a 7/10 considering that it's been majorly stripped of content that is expected, and features that are expected that were present in previous games that drive the genre forward. Instead, it's taken a step backward, and it's being praised for doing so. And you have to shell out an extra $50 if you want to complete that incomplete game that MS and Turn 10 have shipped out.

Here's an excellent post in regards to these reviewers who are overlooking the key problems:

dcj05241791d ago

Nothing wrong with a 7/10. Not great, not bad. Just good.

reaperofsouls1791d ago

edge is highly respected non biased magazine from uk. there reviews are generally spot on

CalebZachary84111791d ago

And everyone was giving PS4 people a hard time about Killzone getting 7's. Funny. Forza was supposed to be the sure fire game. I think it looks good, and If I was getting a XB1 I'd buy it.

curtis921791d ago

**** review scores. This game is fun as hell, I'm sure. So is KZ (love it so far). Too much importance placed on review scores these days. It's all a jerk off.

Ofai1791d ago

Agreed, people should make their own opinion, not what someone else says or thinks

SoapShoes1791d ago

X1 owners should just wait for Project Cars.

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