Nintendo's Barren (And Not So Barren) Christmas

Of all the game companies, Nintendo will have the hardest time this Christmas.

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Jay70sgamer2617d ago

Yawn ....another nintendo doom article ..yawn again

gpturbo812617d ago

sleep bubblezzzzzzzzzzz.... .. .

secretcode2617d ago

Pokemon and Zelda. It's Nintendo. They need nothing else.

Shad0wRunner2617d ago (Edited 2617d ago )


I told you all that when the PS4 came out, it was gonna destroy the Wii U. Over 1 million consoles in 24 hours. EPIC!

"The Wii U fared better at launch than any previous console except the Wii, selling 3.06 million units globally in its first month and 425,000 in the US in its first week. That means that PS4 outdid Wii U’s US first-week sales in less than half a day."

Now when the XBox One launches,'s gonna destroy the Wii U all over again, for a second less than 2 weeks. What took the Wii U one full year to accomplish, took the competition less than a month. If that doesnt put it into perspective, Idk wtf does.

And thats just talking console versus console. Thats not even mentioning the games.

So go ahead and yawn, and shrug it off like it aint no thang. Sony and Microsoft have Christmas in the bag...and Nintendo will be left in last place...holding an empty bag. LOL. Im sorry guys, but there is no Mario, Zelda, DK or Pikmin game out there or coming soon...that is gonna save the Wii U from spiraling to it's ultimate demise. Nintendo is once again, off in left field...doing odd random things that noone cares about - 2DS, Wii Mini, Android Tablet, Mario, Zelda... <---- YAWN!

I said it a million times and I'll say it once more: If Nintendo had just made a console on par with the PS4 and XBox One and created some new IP's that target the adult "hardcore" demographic, instead of going after the little kids...maybe, just maybe they would be in a better position, right now. Or at least in a competitive position, relative to their competition. But nope. Nintendo refuses to change. Refuses to change their vision, their demographic audience, their staff...they just wont change. And it's that stubbornness to change, that will keep them in dead last place, for the duration of this generation.

When Nintendo finally decides to get serious, maybe as a gamer and consumer, I'll start taking them seriously. If they are losing profits, not moving many consoles, or selling many games...they have only themselves to blame.

Maybe next gen after this one, they will learn from this and redefine what it means to be a "contender" in this industry. I have no sympathy for them.

Shad0wRunner2617d ago

Im not the one in denial. Just stating facts.

Chrischi19882617d ago (Edited 2617d ago )

That has nothing to do with denial, it is more about taking stuff like this way to serious. You remember, we are talking about gaming consoles, not some kind of sect or believe, that changes the whole world, because we fight for the believe, like in the crusades.

Do you even buy a console to have fun with it or just to choose a side in this stupid "console war"?

I for myself want the Wii U to succeed, just because I would like to get some more games for it, that is all. I do not care for sales or something like that, I care for third parties not wanting to develop for the system. I can play on my PC very well, better than on any console, but I also like my console, to play stuff on and what is the big deal, of supporting a company, so that the console might get some more games, that is all, buhh huh. Man I live in denial. I dont care for sales, you know. I bought the console to have fun with it and I have, but I would just like to have more on it, because I can easily take my Wii U to friend, it perfectly fits into my bagpack with all stuff and drinks and all, that is what counts for me, not some stupid sect leader like Shuhei, everyone loves and admires, because he is Sonys PS4 guy, I cannot believe, that everyone is taking everything he says, like it is god speaking to them. That is what I mean, do you actually own a console, to play on it or just to brag about it on some boards?

Jay70sgamer2617d ago (Edited 2617d ago )

@shadow ...Let me remind you this is a marathon not a sprint ....

WilliamH2617d ago

Can't wait for Wii Fit U bundle on Dec 13th, gonna have a lot of fun with it.

tweet752617d ago

with all the "problems" with xbox one and ps3 nintendo has a fighting chance. With super mario 3d world alone they may sell more wii us this holiday than anyone expects.

Shad0wRunner2617d ago

What problems?

The PS4 failure rate is UNDER 1%...and XBox One is still up in the air, but wont be enough to give Nintendo a "fighting chance."

And no...3D Mario wont push enough Wii U units to even be on the same radar as Sony and Microsoft, this Christmas. Wait and see.