Here's What Happens When You Put an Xbox 360 Game in an Xbox One

Clickonline writes: "So we've finally got our hands on an Xbox One and we're doing our best to answer all the questions you have about the console, including exactly what the deal is with backwards compatability."

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sinjonezp3354d ago

It should say. We apologize , microsoft does not support xbox360 software and has not for quite some time. Please trade in all your games for x1 software. We appreciate your undying support.

MajorJackHoff3354d ago


Reinforcements needed in sector 7!!!

DaGR8JIBRALTAR3354d ago (Edited 3354d ago )

LOL! @sinjonezp

GrieverSoul3353d ago (Edited 3353d ago )

Its strange it doesnt recognize its a X360 game at least...

MatrixxGT3353d ago

Can't wait till tomorrow. Hopefully people will be enjoying their console of choice and stop with crappy articles and we can focus on experience and Games.

Hyper_Tension1403353d ago

I remember that the ps3 could read xbox 360 games telling you to insert it to the xbox, but its under video not game.

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BTBuck13354d ago

It tells you that you should take it back and wait to find a PS4 for $100 less.

mkis0073354d ago (Edited 3354d ago )

I figure I'll post this right here: I put a ps3 disc in my ps4 and surprisingly it was able to identify it as a ps3 game disc. I wonder if the ps4 will use disc checking to play our streaming library later...

PS+ + ps3 game disc + gaikai = backwards compatibility.

And judging by the fact that if you do a physical ps3 to ps4 upgrade for assassins creed you need to put that disc in the ps4; i would say this theory is more than likely correct.

GameSpawn3353d ago

Actually this is required if you do any of the PS3 to PS4 upgrades. Essentially you insert the PS3 disc as proof of ownership and it will allow you to purchase and run a special DRM protected Digital Download version of the game for the PS4.

The PS3 disc will unfortunately always be required to play the digital upgrade version to prevent people from borrowing a game and just spending $10 to get the upgrade as if it were a full game.

That being said, it isn't out of the question to accomplish this same thing via GAIKAI for streamed PS3 versions much like you said.

NukaCola3353d ago


This is how I was understanding it. For physical media BC you put in a disc and then gaikai reads the code and streams the game to you. Im really curious what it will be like. I think we have until later 2014 to fins out though.

Stuart813353d ago

And youd still have no backward compatability smh

cesuf3353d ago


BC isn't a deciding factor since ps4 cant do it either. Kind of a bummer, but maybe worth the trade off if we see better games, especially multiplats being easy to code for devs.

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Benchm4rk3354d ago

I remember when the 360 came out it played halo 1 and 2 out of the box. Would of been good if they did the same with the One

MidnytRain3354d ago

This is perhaps the most useless article I've ever seen submitted to this website.

Sovereign593354d ago

I somewhat agree as we've known for many months that neither new console would be backwards compatible.

Rhythmattic3354d ago

Agreed ... Totally, Majorly, Pointless article...

boing13354d ago

Knowing is half the battle. And now you know.

Gr1mmyshadows3353d ago

just another article for sony fanboys to have their fun

Hicken3353d ago

Oh, we have our fun with our PlayStations of all generations.

This Xbox stuff is like a sideshow to the main attraction.

Angels37853353d ago

OHHHHH I can test that statement xDDD

DragonKnight3353d ago

I saw an article that was more useless yesterday. It was "Guile's Theme goes with Kanye West."

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Ravenor3354d ago

The PS4 does the exact same thing when you pop in a PS3 disk, I don't get the purpose of this submission one bit.

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