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Stevivor -- "Xbox Fitness has the potential for greatness, if Australian internet wasn’t holding it back.

"Sumo Digital developed Nike+ Fitness, one of the best motion-controlled fitness games of last-gen, alongside Ubisoft’s Your Shape: Fitness Evolved. This generation, Sumo is changing it up a bit."

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Silver3601885d ago

Quality determined by your internet connection. Oh well I have 75GB Fios so I am good, but that buffering in the video ruins a workout.

dansdooz1885d ago

bad review based of poor internet connection!?

JohnnyTower1885d ago

They don't need good Internet to play Knivesies/Spoonsies in Australia. "That's not a knife..."

mitford1885d ago

So let me get this straight "my internet connection is crap so the games crap"