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Steven Hansen of Destructoid: I was sitting in a doctor’s office waiting room, lost in my Vita because doctors are terrible timekeepers. 2:00 pm means 2:00 pm, life-saving scumbag. Suddenly, I was looking at dimly lit tartan chairs and an old, wrinkled man with a mustache of frayed steel wool.

When I realized it was the seats and man across from me, a hole ripped open in the waiting room, spewing shredded strips of paper, and I fell into the papery world of Tearaway.

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M-M3842d ago

Looks like this game is a masterpiece just like everyone thought it would be.

Snookies123842d ago

At this point, (I'm sorry to say) but anyone who says the Vita has no games is a fool.

izumo_lee3842d ago

Agreed! though my fear is that Tearaway may be lost in the shuffle of the XBone release & the new Super Mario Game.

I really hope Vita owners support this game cause most reviews say this is the killer app the system deserves. A system seller if it gets noticed...strong emphasis on 'IF'.

abzdine3841d ago

must buy

this is why Sony's first party studios are on top of the world

delicia3841d ago

Just imported the physical edition, if it takes too long to get here, will buy the digital as well. Can't wait to play it, I tested it in a game event, it was amazing, one of the best portable games I've ever played.

dedicatedtogamers3841d ago

Yep. Vita keeps chugging along. I get so much playtime out of the thing. Currently waiting for Vita versions of Terraria and Minecraft.

shammgod3841d ago

Don't forget The Binding of Issac...that game will be fun on vita!

dedicatedtogamers3841d ago

Oh yeah. So many excellent indie games available and coming soon. Currently rocking out Spelunky. Waiting for Hotline Miami 2.

grailly3841d ago

I never understood what was so great about this game, I'm looking forward to discorvering it.

I played enough LBP to know that media molecule are masters in level design.

Xsilver3841d ago

just leave it to media Molecule they killed with LBP and now tearaway can't wait to see whats in store for the PS4 from them.

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izumo_lee3842d ago

Almost every review mentions the ending. Some say it is such an emotional punch in the gut ending that it will leave many misty eyed. So that alone makes me interested to see this game through to the end.

Langkasuka3842d ago

Destructoid = 10
Pocket Gamer = 10
Polygon = 9.5
IGN = 9.3
PlayStation Lifestyle = 9
GameReactor = 9
TheSixthAxis = 9
Edge = 9
Escapist Magazine = 9
Gamesradar = 8
Digital Spy = 8
Eurogamer = 8
Official PlayStation Magazine = 8
Gamespot = 8
Joystiq = 6
... you know what? Just try it, plz~

Oh, and damn you Joystiq... :P

tiffac0083842d ago

Joystiq review must have been written by John Snow. He knows nothing! :3

ruefrak3841d ago

Ha ha ha! Geez, I can't stop laughing.
You know nothing John Snow.

Cupid_Viper_33841d ago

Haha...Nicely done sir. Winter's is still coming though.

Stsonic3841d ago

It's only £19.99 on UK Amazon as well.

Blastoise3841d ago

Yeah, a couple of reviews have marked it down a bit because it's apparently quite short (6-7 hours). But I think that's a bit unfair given the price point.

admiralvic3841d ago

@ Blastoise

It's closer to 1 - 3 hours. Maybe 5 - 8 if you want to 100% it.

RedSoakedSponge3841d ago


1-3 hours?!

well if you can complete this in 1 hour i would be very VERY surprised lol.

Cupid_Viper_33841d ago (Edited 3841d ago )

double post.

ruefrak3841d ago

Media Molecule does it again! Can't wait to see their PS4 effort.