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IGN - Tearaway is the best game I’ve played on the PlayStation Vita. It’s a joyous experience that wants to celebrate individual creativity and the power of storytelling, so it’s just as well that it never runs out of ideas itself. In fact, Tearaway’s eager to show you new things right until the very end. It does things I’ve never experienced before, and along the way showcases, quite magically, just what a uniquely capable gaming device the Vita can be.

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Denethor_II1889d ago

Awesome! Finally some Vita love.

theBAWSE1889d ago

media molecule does it again

can't wait for them to show us their ps4 game

RedSoakedSponge1889d ago

everything MM touches turns to gold.

cant wait for their PS4 debut. its bound to be incredible!

Freak of Nature1889d ago (Edited 1889d ago )

I agree totally...***Bubbles up*** to you all...

Tearaway will be great and original fun.

The PS4 new IP that they have mentioned being far more ambitious than anything they have done has me at the edge of my seat.

They spent months and millions on R&D for the new IP, hope to hear from them soon on this, possibly at GDC. I recall the first time I heard/saw LBP, it was at a GDC 07' I believe. It floored me, best surprise game wise I can recall. Hoping for the same with this new IP.

Teraway can show what a uniquely capable gaming device the Vita can be.......

Both thumbs up to Media molecule and the great review of Tearaway...

badz1491889d ago

have mine pre-ordered! did it in a blink of the eye! never doubt Mm!

I hope people start to support new IP more! this has originality and quality written all over it and I think people should buy it and encourage devs to keep innovating and coming out with new IP more frequently!

Puppeteer is a great example of a good and unique new IP and I enjoy every single moment in the game but feel sad knowing that it doesn't sell very well! and people are whining "new IP is dying" but when a good new IPs come out, they just ignore them! support of else GTFO and STFU!

I love Sony for their guts to release new IPs, 4 alone this year with Puppeteer, Tearaway, TLoU and Knack. should have been 5 with Driveclub if it didn't get delayed! DC will be for next year and we know The Order 1886 will be another and they promised to come out with more! there's nothing wrong relying on sequels but doesn't mean new IPs don't get the chance they deserve! I hope Sony continue this trend and I'll be a happy gamer and many out there would be happy too!

sobotz1889d ago

Vita's killer app, totally gonna buy this one

Hanso1889d ago (Edited 1889d ago )

not much of an Jump n run fan but preordered on the psn anyway... also bought Lone Survivor today.

Must support the Vita Brotherhood..!

bunfighterii1889d ago

Really looking forward to this now. Between this and PS4 its going to be a Playstation heavy November.

RiPPn1889d ago

Wow this and Zelda, handheld gaming bliss is upon us!

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The story is too old to be commented.