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The Xbox One hardware review embargo has lifted, and you may be wondering: where is IGN’s review of the new system? As with the PlayStation 4, IGN does not want to prematurely review these next-generation systems without first experiencing them after their services fully launch. In the case of the Xbox One, that means we'll issue our full review sometime in the week following the launch this Friday. From hardware, to software, to server problems -- or even critical updates -- anything can happen. Based on our experience with Xbox One, we have no reason to expect any specific issues, but if major product launches have taught us anything, it’s that it's wise to reserve judgment until the facts are in.

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MASTER_RAIDEN1791d ago (Edited 1791d ago )

this is news?

IGN are some serious divas if they really think we care to know that their review is in progress. I have a feeling the review is going to be shite anyway. IGN is too big of a publication to say anything to offend anybody. I'm sure it'll be nothing but copy/paste praise for the bone.

EDIT: for you stealth disagreers, I'm not saying the bone does or doesn't deserve praise all around. I'm just saying even if their WAS something seriously wrong with the xbox one, or if it was clearly better than the ps4 for example, IGN would never actually have the guts to point something liekt hat out.

OlgerO1791d ago

Just look at the 20 plus minutes of uncut footage on the IGN page and tell me what you think!

MRMagoo1231791d ago

If i had an xbox one , the kinect would be going into the bin lol after seeing that video it already annoyed me.

pyramidshead1791d ago

this is interesting, and not particularly good way. Quite a lot of unreliability.

younglj011791d ago

Lol an article warning us that an review is coming...Lol no sh1t IGN...

Corpser1791d ago

Nobody got a faulty unit yet? Well if anyone did that's perfectly normal, remember that

MasterCornholio1791d ago

Depends what you mean by normal.

A 4% failure rate might be seen as normal but a 40% failure rate might be an issue.

Anyways only two days left to find out.

Nexus 7 2013

Ezz20131791d ago

it bound to happen with any device ever made
it really is normal
but why didn't xbox fans remember that when they having their fun in ps4 faulty reports articles
even though the console have less than 1% failure rate ?!
i know for sure some of sony fans will do the same as payback
when the first bricked xbox one console show up

why fans from both sides love to flip flop so much ?
i know why

HammadTheBeast1791d ago

Well.... after losing $2 billion on RROD, I'd hope MS had learned their lesson.

Whitey2k1791d ago

I just find the reviews weird everyone n journalists wanted a pure gaming system sony made one n average reviews ms made a home hub forgot its gamers n its slight better ratings

ezop1791d ago

I agree Sony have produced a games console thats the direction they want to go and MS have produced a home hub media centre which is bringing PC,TV, Video chat & gaming all in one place, it wouldn't surprise me at all if Sony were working on some sort of stand-alone unit with voice recognition commands, they've already got smart tvs and skype camera for bravia, all they need now is something to connect them all together and the PS4 and it would be just the same as the XB1, just with better graphics.

ruefrak1791d ago

After watching the 20 minute demo... sheesh. Does the voice command ever work the first time? And the UI for the system is so complex. There's so much going on. A lot of trial and error, a lot of hunting to find options and features. With time and practice, people will get it (which is what they say about Windows 8 as well).
It makes the PS4 UI look downright basic by comparison. And I'm ok with that.

rela82me1791d ago

I have seen videos were it works perfectly. I don't think its that bad, the reason I believe that he was having so much trouble is because he was giving the commands at the VERY end of his sentences and even cutting his own sentences off to give the Xbox the command. The Kinect naturally filters out natural conversation, so you have to talk to it directly, not in the middle of a conversation.

With that being said, the accuracy in the video was 100% It never went to the wrong thing, and it was obvious that the reviewer wasn't well versed in the available commands. There will be a learning curve, but I don't think any of the inputs by themselves are the best option. Its mixing between voice, controller, and gestures that will make this very efficient.

ruefrak1791d ago

The guy over at Wired made a comment about the "voice" you need to use to make Kinect work. Loud, forceful, and your speech pattern needs to be very specific. He likened it to disciplining your dog type of voice.
I'm sure some people will like it. And some people will hate it. And some people will think it's cool for the first week and then rarely use it again. That's how a lot of people I know were when Siri was introduced on the iPhone. It was a cute gimmick for a week, but then you felt stupid for talking to your phone like it was a person.