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Many game consoles aspire to be more than just a game console, but Xbox One really means it. Xbox One wants to be your everything and run your TV, your Blu-rays, your streaming, your music and, oh, sure, your videogames too. It wants to do it all with Kinect, the camera controller that’s included in every box, letting you use voice commands to control everything.

And sometimes it works. Sometimes it doesn’t. Sometimes it’s magical, sometimes it’s inept; Xbox One is the Ron Weasley of consoles.

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theBAWSE1797d ago

The Ron weasley of consoles..

I bet he pat himself on the back for that quote

Snookies121797d ago

Ron wasn't THAT bad, I mean he was best friends with the most famous wizard. That's gotta count for something.

ABizzel11797d ago


lol, Love Big Trouble in Little China.

OT: Let them have their day, no fanboying everyone.

MRMagoo1231797d ago

I laughed out loud when i read that comment from the guy lol, he xbone shall forever from this day forward be known as the red head of gaming lmfao.

1797d ago
smashcrashbash1797d ago (Edited 1797d ago )

Another average score for the Xbox One.Wonder what excuses the fanboys will make.And also hearing sentences like 'great when it works' and 'work in progress and 'not ready' and nothing justifies purchase'. Better hope it doesn't have a higher failure rate then the PS4 because that's another kick to the gut.

nasnas761797d ago (Edited 1797d ago )

You're just here to troll, if you don't like MS then why click on an MS article? Who cares what stangers think on your choice, and why should you care what choice strangers make. Unless you need to reassurance of you own personal opinions that only strangers' like-minded opinions make you feel you're part or a "winning" group. In the end it's an entertainment device, it won't change the world so just enjoy having the luxury of a choice of various entertainment devices to chose from

Hicken1797d ago

Don't even. In every 7-7.5 rating for the PS4, Killzone, or Knack, the Xbox fanboys are everywhere, talking about how mediocre it all is. Now nobody should turn the tables?

He's right: let's see how many people brush off or otherwise make excuses for the quotes he mentions.

By the way, the purchases of strangers DO affect us. Long-term support, unpopular policies, etc. If we just shut up and let a handful of people tell the companies what we're all interested in, we won't have much of a gaming industry to speak of.

We don't need these things to change the world. We just need them to change our gaming for the better. And that best happens when we give feedback, be it praise for things done right, or criticism for things done wrong.

It also means we need to hold each other accountable for the crap we say and do, cuz Son, Microsoft, and Nintendo aren't gonna do it for us.

Enough with the apologist comments, please.

MRMagoo1231797d ago

I agree with hicken 100%, every single article had xbone fantards talking about how 7 was mediocre and now they find out the console of their choice is getting 7s they get what they deserve, i even tried reasoning with half of them saying scores dont matter a 5 is average but got attacked by them. as you can see here

smashcrashbash1797d ago

Hey since everyone is so hell bent on keeping every low score I just thought I would join in the fun.