GTA V 1.06 online car glitch offers $15m an hour

Product-Reviews writes: Rockstar has been trying to prevent users from selling motors in the Los Santos Customs garage, in a way that they are calling ‘exploits’. This involves going to sell a vehicle, but then quickly switching back to story mode and then back into online mode to re-sell the car for some quick cash.

A video which we have found and included below shows you how this sneaky trick works after installing the fresh 1.06 update. You’ll see that the process is relatively simple and enables the user to generate over $100,000 cash with each repeated sell.

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tr00p3r1794d ago

Cat and mouse it seems... reminds me of Apple Vs the iOS jailbreakers.

Derekvinyard131794d ago

Exactly, there's so many people playing it that it's gonna take a lot to finally get every little exploit out. Which sadly might not happen

rdgneoz31794d ago

Seeing how they're nerfing legit money making into the ground, it's nice they're not able to fix it since it was all so they could sell more cash cards.

eezo1794d ago

the article says: "A video which we have found and included below " where is the video.... nowhere can it be seen.....

danswayuk1794d ago

I can see it, look under the article.

Monkeycan81794d ago

Why do people feel the need to do this?

Shad0wRunner1794d ago

Why do people feel the need to do this?

Because people love to cheat...and if they can find a way to get something for free, with minimal effort, while gaining an advantage over the rest of us....they will.

More to the point: Why do people feel the need to whine and cry when it all gets patched? "Well, they ruined it. Im done with GTAO now."

LMAO. Never ceases to amaze me, how stupid people can be.

gigoran1794d ago

just too bad I was too late to buy the cargobob...

GentlemenRUs1794d ago

And let the mass-ban begin!

Lionsguard1794d ago

They won't ban, they'll dunce cap them and group the cheaters together.

GentlemenRUs1794d ago

Technically a ban but done right.

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