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It’s been a tricky road to release for the Xbox One. At its unveiling gamers were concerned that Microsoft’s ‘all-in-one’ entertainment box would neglect to cater to their needs, and online policies that required your console to be connected to the internet would block the use of used games were seen as draconian. With a strong lineup of games served at E3 in June and the online policies reversed, Microsoft can feel more confident about the perception of their new console. That long road to the next-generation, a waiting game kicked off by Sony back in February when they announced the PlayStation 4, has benefited Microsoft, with them able to address any animosity and get gamers back onside. And now it’s here, all that pre-release hoo-ha channeled to the point you get it out of the box and find out what Microsoft’s vision for the next-gen means to you.

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And the PS fanboys are here to whine

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Good Review not because of the score but very balanced opinions on just what's available and how it works.

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My reaction is the same as the PS4 scores, you can't give a numerical score to a console that will constantly evolve over time.