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“It’s a Trojan horse!” they said. When Microsoft released the original Xbox in 2001, the company dominated the computing world, and common wisdom held that its console was going to use games as a gateway to conquering your living room. In the end, the Xbox was just a games machine. The Xbox 360 was also called a Trojan horse, and although it eventually proved to be a popular way to watch Netflix, it too was primarily just another games machine.

With the Xbox One, Microsoft isn’t even bothering with the wooden-horse trick. The new console is a Trojan army, blatantly marching on your living room, carrying a banner that reads, “We are here for your TV!”

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B-radical1847d ago

I think pc world gave ps4 a 3.5 they are both cutting really close cant wait to have both!! Gotta catch em all!

aviator1891847d ago

Both consoles will obviously start a little rough around the edges, but, eventually, will be rockstars in terms of improvements, added features, polished interfaces, and, best of all, awesome games.

AngelicIceDiamond1847d ago

Here's the Summary for this one.

At a Glance
The Xbox One smartly integrates TV, streaming video, and games. It has a few kinks to iron out, but it’s already a welcome addition to any living room.

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Price when rated: $500.00
Impressive next-generation games
Slick TV and streaming-media integration

No social integration
Xbox Live Gold is essentially a requirement

"No Social integration"

Social sharing…or lack thereof
Regrettably, the Xbox One doesn’t let you share your game videos very easily. You can’t stream live to Twitch or Ustream. You have no way to post anything you do to Facebook or Twitter. In fact, in a day and age where TV shows and commercials display hashtags, the complete lack of social integration on Xbox One is conspicuous.

"You can save your game clips from Upload Studio (the free app that edits clips you save in Game DVR) to SkyDrive and then do whatever you want with them, from your computer or smartphone. That’s a welcome feature, but a lame cop-out considering the absence of any social integration at the system level."

That's unsettling you would think MS would come equipped with social ready features.

Not a huge turn off sounds like a good console nonetheless.

Insomnia_841847d ago (Edited 1847d ago )

This thing is way too TV/CABLE/Camera gimmicks focused. Not exactly what I buy a VIDEO GAMES system for. $500 is too much for it, all I ask for is an sku without Kinect but all they have planned is an ENTERTAINMENT only sku..........Where are we gamers left????

aviator1891847d ago

I generally don't call people out for what they say, but you sound ridiculous.
How is packing in more things into a console and making it a better package, while at the same time delivering a solid launch line-up of games (Forza 5, Ryse, Dead Rising 3, Zoo Tycoon, etc.) and following the launch with tons of other heavy-hitters in the following year (Halo 5, Quantum Break, Black Tusk Project, Fable Legends, Titanfall, Sunset Overdrive, etc.) a negative thing at all?

Insomnia_841847d ago (Edited 1847d ago )


Because I don't watch TV and stopped paying for cable about three years ago?? If they can make an entertainment only version of the Xbox One, why not a GAMES focused one?? In that case, a system without Kinect. If Kinect is worth the $150 alone like they say, they could sell the console for $350 but obviously they make more with tbe advertising they make thanks to the info of you that Kinect gathers so, fck the rest, right?

"Let's remember that Kinect is no longer mandatory to the Xbox One's operation and neither is a periodic check-in with the Xbox servers, requirements that were walked back under a firestorm of gamer outrage. That said, many users will simply leave both utilities plugged in. And when a publication likeAdvertising Age—whose audience ain't exactly privacy-concerned hardcore gamers—says "Xbox One can essentially work like TV that watches you, bringing marketers a huge new trove of data," you realize why Microsoft wanted those requirements in the first place."


Sm00thNinja1847d ago

Higher reviews than the PS4 all around! Loving my PS4 right now the hype train is pulling in for the Xbone!

ExPresident1847d ago

"It's a trogan horse!" quote made me lol. Considering the back lash about Kinect being always on, and the stuff MS was pulling a few months ago it just made me laugh.

Hope everyone who buys one is happy and gets their money worth, consumers deserve that much.

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