Xbox One: The best and worst features at launch

MMGN: Console reviews are a terrifying, inaccurate but necessary conundrum. I’ve been playing with an Xbox One for the better part of a week, but a review now wouldn’t entirely accurately reflect what you’re going to take home on November 22, let alone what we will be playing in five years, because the system is still in beta.

Instead, we’re presenting both the best and worst features of Xbox One as seen at launch.

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Dragonborn3121793d ago

Nice write-up. The negative points seemed to focus on the fact that certain features do not work in the writer's country (Australia), which while it sucks for the writer it does not really affect me. Also, I do not really care about the size of the console, as long as it fits under my television haha. There seemed to be a lot more positives then negatives and I am super excited to get mine this Friday. It is a great time for gamers!

BX811793d ago

Yeah, good to know for future buyers though. Some might wanna hold out for more features to become available in their region.

john4161793d ago

2 more days then its our turn guys I'm so excited! I'm surprised the Ps4 we hate everything that has to do with xbox army hasn't arrived yet.

Sm00thNinja1793d ago

They all go to bed at 8. Same as Xbots then they go to school and get out at 1530. Then a bus ride home. T minus 16 hours til fanboy impact

john4161793d ago (Edited 1793d ago )

lol I've noticed it seems people 18 and up are a little more xbox one open minded and less hating and the younger ones are sony brainwashed and I'm thinking more along the lines of 1700 5 o'clock EST for full effect

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