The Xbox One: The Kotaku Review

The Xbox One is a testament to Microsoft's towering ambition. It represents their desire not only to occupy a place in your home entertainment center, but to lumber straight into the center of it. It is a black plastic tank, a hard-edged chunk of corners meant to conquer everything in its path. But for all its imposing physicality, it has a surprising number of weak spots.

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dedicatedtogamers1818d ago (Edited 1818d ago )

Seems like they like the system, but the media functions are only worth it if you're willing to set up your entire living room EXACTLY how Microsoft wants it. Xbox One's "hub" is far less flexible than Microsoft first led people to believe.

Kotaku's verdict:

"Do You Need an Xbox One?

Not Yet"

(direct quote)

gigoran1818d ago

like people would take any advice from the moronic kotaku seriously...

MakiManPR1818d ago

Now Kotaku is moronic? But you guys were no saying that in the PS4 Review...

theBAWSE1818d ago

wow.. Kotaku I'm impressed

very detailed in depth review

have they hired new staff?

Ezz20131818d ago

but you guys were in love with that site here

too much flip flopping ?!

4Sh0w1818d ago (Edited 1818d ago )

So their verdict like the ps4 is to wait. Their main criticism for waiting for ps4 seem to be while its a great gaming console things are unfinished but mostly it has no compelling games yet.(sony *claim will update to add things overtime) Their main criticism of X1 seems to be the Kinect functionality is "almost" there but not as described yet. (micro *claimed it was near final but not the final updated version for 22nd), but still they at least imply the games are really good="strong".

So wait= Hell no, I'm a early adopter gamer, I wait for no one, I don't need perfection I'll take as he said Kinect when it works is a "showstopper" but its about 85% there for consistency and the games are strong. Seriously I get the ads but I'm pretty sure I guy surrounded by new tech wasn't really expecting flawless application of a brand new console doing some complicated multitasking.

gigoran1818d ago

I didn't read or support their ps4 review either. Why in the hell would I read something where the rating is influenced by who supplies their income, and where they hire a women that has the face of a horse to review games and have that creeper pervert ashcraft posting pictures of little japanese school girls? Take them serious? HA!

Madderz1818d ago


One guys view isn't necessarily the view of every Sony fan.


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pop-voxuli1818d ago

Not sure why you have people disagreeing with you, it really does say that.

Jack_Of_All_Blades1818d ago

Wow them disagrees. Oh well I liked the honest review. Good read.

MorePowerOfGreen1818d ago

He's a major troll quoting an anti MSFT site. Of course he's going to get disagrees. He post first with a *them too* attitude due to PS4 reviews.

theBAWSE1818d ago

lmfao I had to rub my eyes

more power of green called someone else a MAJOR TROLL

torchic1818d ago


lol! I just woke up and then opened N4G and then BAM! MorePowerOfGreen is calling someone else a fanboy great stuff :)

WiiUsauce1818d ago

You can say the exact same for the PS4.

B-radical1818d ago

Basically for both consoles kotaku ssays we gamers listen?


BobBelcher1818d ago

lol. I guess we're the idiots, right?

AngelicIceDiamond1818d ago

Kotaku is weak they said "not yet" to the PS4 as well.

Ashby_JC1818d ago (Edited 1818d ago )


(This review will be updated throughout the coming weeks to ensure we've covered all the basics and adequately
tested all the currently incomplete features with a growing Xbox One userbase. All Kotaku reviews that carry a "Not Yet" are intended to eventually end up as a "No" or "Yes". For a console, that will happen if/when the system either proves hopeless or winds up having some must-play, must-own games.)

The "not yet" means they will update the review throughout the coming weeks. Our doesn't mean...not in the way your implying.

DoctorXpro1818d ago

but but microsoft pay them for good feedback...

like every sony troll says

devwan1818d ago

dedicated, the thing that struck me most was this: "what if ... your TV and AV receiver are already switched on? If you then say "Xbox On," the console will turn the TV off. That's because it's really just pressing the "power" button on your TV's remote—there's no way to tell it to only press the button if the TV is currently off. If you're anything like me, the first time that happens, you'll deactivate the feature and likely never re-activate it. Back to the remote control we go!"

That seems like a bit of a hassle.

JackISbacK1818d ago

can you people stop fighting each other for your consoles ,either of them are not going to pay you.
man now its gaming time have fun with your console of choise and play games there are worth playing games on both consoles.

frostypants1818d ago

Just glad they finally fixed the awful d-pad. Still not paying $500 for a $300 console with $200 of gimpy crap that I won't use, though.

hqgamez1818d ago

Xbox Takes 1 Minute and 8 Seconds from a cold boot. That is freaking Sad

frostypants1818d ago

In its defense you would generally leave it in a sleep mode rather than fully powering down.

xboned_you1818d ago (Edited 1818d ago )

I think you'll want one eventually. But, cool as the PS4 is, a lack of a must-play game means you can afford to wait. Do you need to have a PS4?

Not yet

(Direct quote)

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MakiManPR1818d ago

The Review is so negative that looks like a 'No'

LordDhampire1818d ago

And I thought Kotaku were fanboys

Sm00thNinja1818d ago

I love how the first Xbone review on N4G is Kotaku. Lol so much hate most other sites are beaming just read Polygons review. 8/10, by comparison the PS4 scored a 7.5 but to each their own. Add me on PS4 and Xbone add: SmoothNinja

Jury1818d ago (Edited 1818d ago )

are you aware of the history between polygon and Microsoft? Let's just say they are very good buddies and money has exchanged hands. $750 000 I believe

Sm00thNinja1818d ago

I'm aware fully but glowing reviews are coming in from all corners my friend!

1818d ago
n4rc1818d ago

Of course.. It has to be crap and only Sony fans know the truth.. Anyone that says otherwise is on Microsoft's payroll..

Do you guys actually hear yourselves as you type stuff like that?

If ms has this much power and influence.. Don't ya think maybe, just maybe.. They managed to make a good video game console?

H0RSE1818d ago

With the amount of people MS has apparently paid off, you'd think they would have just bought Sony by now...

devwan1818d ago

@n4rc, no, unfortunately, I don't think they did. Well, to be 100% correct, the console that releases on Friday isn't, but in a year's time when many of the features are actually in place, who knows... right now, no.

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Riderz13371818d ago

PS4 also got a "not yet" from Kotaku if that makes you feel any better buddy.

Ashby_JC1818d ago

I read this review and I'm glad he pointed out the negatives he found. He made some great points.

I'm getting this system and I want to read to good and the bad.

I personally would question any review that had nothing bad to say. There at always pros and cons.