Toronto Thumbs Review: Arkham Origins

From the Review (written by Jorge Figueiredo):

"Before he became a legend, he was really only a shadow – a whispered name that no one really understood. Some of the smarter criminals, the ones who had worked hard to make a name for themselves, the ones who thought they were untouchable: they knew what would happen if they let this “Bat Man” continue doing what he was doing. One even attracted the attention of eight of the world’s deadliest assassins with a very sweet reward if one of them were to deal with the Batman before things got out of hand. Though younger, and not as experienced as the Batman we know, Bruce Wayne decided to take the fight to the hunters before they could snuff him out. Gotham has become a battleground, where a one-man army struggles to survive what promises to be a very long night. Welcome to Batman: Arkham Origins."

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