A closer look at the US PlayStation 4 launch: Sony’s biggest failures

IT Pro Portal: We still have to wait until the end of the month before the PlayStation 4 is unleashed in the UK, but Sony’s console was out at the end of last week in the US. And the PS4 has generally been well received over there by both gamers and the press, plus the cheaper price tag and (more or less) more powerful hardware has certainly given it a boost in terms of positive public mindshare.

Like any video game console launch, though, things haven’t gone completely smoothly, with features that are missing, not to mention the fact that the library of PS4 games is lacking. Despite the critical praise for the PS4, it was not able to escape these US launch hiccups, most of which will also apply to the UK come launch day (29 November). We’re going to list them all in this article, starting with.

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dedicatedtogamers1797d ago

Goodness, the FUD and desperation is going full-steam it seems. All these no-name sites coming out of the woodwork to tell us how "horrible" the PS4 launch was.

Where are the "10 fantastic things about the PS4 launch" articles? Huh? I thought N4G was full of Sony fanboys, right? At least, that's what I see certain N4G users claiming on a daily basis...

gamesR4fun1797d ago

I'd say read the article about the money ms spent on shills but for some reason it got binned....

cleft51797d ago (Edited 1797d ago )

If you a company sells a million units of a product that they launched within 2 day of said launch, no one in their right mind calls it a failure.

Majin-vegeta1797d ago

Lol this all they can resort too now.

pyramidshead1797d ago

Will be interesting to read here come Friday if there's any reports of hardware failures with XB1 systems. When tables turn, the goal posts always move with them. XB1 launch will be no different.

Belking1797d ago

" I thought N4G was full of Sony fanboys, right? At least, that's what I see certain N4G users claiming on a daily basis..."

It is. Just wait til thursday night and friday morning. You will see.This place is gonna be flooded with negative xb1 articles. The will spend more time posting them instead of playing their ps4s. I wonder why?

svoulis1797d ago

Do you realize how much of a moron you sound like by trying to belittle one side but only to belittle yourself in the end?

Clearly you don't even deserve one bubble.

1797d ago
DrRobotnik1797d ago

That was a waist of a bubble.

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izumo_lee1797d ago

I feel like i've been repeating myself everytime these articles complaining about the PS4 launch game library. Do these people really have forgotten the same was said about the PSone, PS2 & PS3 when they released as well.

Gee i wonder how those systems did in the end?

MaverickStar71797d ago

Exactly. It boggles my mind when I read these. Its like they expect every single Sony exclusive on launch day.

obione1797d ago

Actually i dont care about the launche games!i care about "the power"the edge technology and of course the games that comes at Playstation soon!

AsimLeonheart1797d ago (Edited 1797d ago )

The console makes history by selling more than a million and more than 1.5 million software in 24 hours, and still people are able to nitpick "biggest failures". :-/

MikeGdaGod1797d ago

i discovered something great last night

the "article" mentions is the PS4's lack of support for the PS3 bluetooth remote or IR.....but what they don't mention is if you download the Playstation App, you can use your phone as a full functioning PS4 remote.

there's no need for a separate remote at all....sweet

Drekken1797d ago

This app is great! I was playing games and when I got a message, I didn't have to mess with the on screen keyboard. I just responded with my phone with quickness.

The only downside of the app is it is a memory hog! It drains my battery so fast. It isn't an issue at home on the charger though.

MikeGdaGod1797d ago (Edited 1797d ago )

yeah i did the same thing yesterday. thats how i found out i could be used as a remote.

i got a message and decided to try out the app. not only does it make it much easier to reply to text messages, it's a full functioning remote. no need to type anything with the controller!


Drekken1797d ago

I didn't know about the remote. I will give it a try. Who needs to spend money on a PS4 remote when you have a phone that can do it all?!

MikeGdaGod1797d ago

while in the app:

1) select "connect to PS4"

2) once connected select "second screen"

3) it should say "this screen is currently not in use" there should be 2 icons in the top left corner, select the icon furthest to the left

4) that's it!

virtual remote has "PS", "back", "options" buttons...and the whole screen of your phone is use to scroll, tap in the scroll area to select

hope that helps

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