30plusgamer's Reasons to buy a Xbox One

We’re merely days away from the second entry into the next gen console race, Microsoft’s Xbox One. Millions of gamers will most likely be having some marathon Dead Rising 3 and Ryse sessions, but if you’re still wondering if you should take the plunge on the next Xbox, fear not. Some of the 30PlusGamer staff has you covered.

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Dragonborn3121846d ago

My main reason is the games. There are just a lot of exclusive games that are coming out for it that I think are going to be a lot of fun. These include Titanfall, Halo 5, Project Spark, Quantum Break, Sunset Overdrive, Dead Rising 3, Ryse, Forza 5, etc... This is a great time for gamers!

BBBirdistheWord1845d ago

Yeah agreed. the games seem compelling.

I am also considering an xbo purchase for the additional improved motion control and voice command features.

Then there are also the apps which can be snapped.

lots of good reasons!

Dragonborn3121845d ago

Yep Kinect is going to be fun to use, very futuristic. I am excited to walk into my room for it to automatically recognize me and sign me in. There are also games coming out for it that look interesting such as D4.

VENOMACR12271845d ago

How dare you say something positive about the X1, especially the games. Everyone knows PS has the best games, best exclusives, and best arcade/indie games in the history of video games.

Kidding aside, the X1 has the better launch lineup and equally great games for 2014. Titanfall, that game alone will be a reason to pick up an X1. Project spark, create your own game basically, how awesome is that? Halo, that doesn't need anything else to be said. And the rest of the games we still don't know all that much about, but the exclusives on BOTH systems are very promising. You can't go wrong with either system.

Dragonborn3121845d ago

Haha yeah positive comments about the Xbox One on this site rarely are received well. It is a great time for gamers, no matter the system you play on.

Stringerbell1845d ago

Had a herp derp moment, I read this as 30 reasons to buy the XB1...

Grimhammer001845d ago

I love Xbox One!!! Omg! /s helps to have competition to motivate Sony.

30plusgamer1845d ago

Glad to read your comments and reasons!