Opinion: I honestly believe Super Mario 3D World will save the Wii U


Some would consider it mad to have one AAA exclusive to go against the PS4 and Xbox One. Certainly on paper it sounds like a face palm worthy decision, but once you hear the words “Super Mario” then it begins to make sense. Unfortunately, the hype for Next Gen has somewhat downplayed the potential influence of Super Mario 3D World. Consequently. doubts still continues on whether Nintendo can pull the Wii U from the rut.

Call me a whack job, but I honestly believe that Super Mario 3D World can pull off the remarkable feat of saving the Wii U.

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PoSTedUP3363d ago

it wont. nintendo has been going downhill since the NES. the Wii was just a phenomenon bc they had the "wow, new motion controls" and marketed it down our throats (no seriously, it was in and on like almost every fast-food joint). mario didnt sell

if they dont have an attention getter or gimmick, or the same huge marketing campaign, they are pretty much stuck and with less appealing hardware in the console generation which is even worse. and the fact that their online greatly lags behind too etc.

they will always dominate the handheld market tho. i hate to say, man, i dont think even god can save the wiiU at this point. the decline is continuing from where the GC left off, and its looking pretty scary tbh.

BullyMangler3363d ago (Edited 3363d ago )

lol . . but in the end Nintendo will have the most Adult Content to ever hit this land, most inventive grafix, best gameplay, best audio, best re-play value, more game-changing content, just like the N64 did to a playstation, just like the gamecube did over a ps2 xbOx, just like the wii did to ps3 360 . . . . while sony and microsoft ride along waiting to see what else they can IMITATE . .

plus Nintendo is so powerful with money, that they can afford to make "mistakes".

sales dont really mean much . like justin bieber selling more than 2Pac and biggie combined, does that mean justin bieber brings more skills? (:

my truths will devastate many fanpies :)

my tongue typed this

PoSTedUP3363d ago

lol. i believe your truths were typed with your tounge hanging out of your mouth. (for the most part)

PoSTedUP3363d ago

the "mario didnt sell" part of my first comment is a typo (was a portion of a deleted sentence).

LOL_WUT3363d ago

I honestly don't know how much of an impact SM3DW is going to have towards WiiU sales but the X1 console release is definitely going to be another big blow to Nintendo. ;)

AKR3363d ago

They've been down-hill from since the NES?

You mean the same company who is sitting on 16-billion dollars, who's the financially biggest video game company in the industry?

Yep, they're totally doomed.

PoSTedUP3363d ago

console sales-wise*, sorry.

bobacdigital3363d ago

@Postedup ... You do realize they have never sold hardware at a loss until the the Wii U? Even with low sales of the N64 and Gamecube they made money and were successful hence their massive cash reserve.

People also fail to mention that the software attachment rate during the N64 and Gamecube era was really high ... even tho they didnt sell tons of console units they still pushed games...

Nintendo actually hasnt been going downhill since the NES era... they were trending up until the Wii U ... You forgot to mention the freaking GAMEBOY / DS... the DS and Wii SOLD bonkers during that era...

Nintendo is doing nothing different than what Sony is doing now ... except Sonys portable is selling like trash and their console is selling well .. Nintendo is the reverse.. there Portable is selling like hotcakes and their console is selling like trash.

PoSTedUP3363d ago (Edited 3363d ago )

im not talking about their money, software or their handhelds (i did mention that they would always dominate the handheld market, didnt i?). im talking about the obvious decline in console sales, with the wii as an exception, as i mentioned. and it is evident.

look at the console sales and tell me their console market isnt going downhill.

and nintendo is doing everything sony is doing? no, they are doing the complete oposite. and for one, they are basically stuck with last gen hardware. what they Should have done is kept the Wii Motes and called it the Wii2, peroid.

dedicatedtogamers3363d ago

When has a 3D Mario ever made a Nintendo platform succeed?

Think about it.

Super Mario 64 sold, sure, but the N64 lost a ton of the fans who bought an SNES and NES. Super Mario Sunshine on Gamecube did nothing to keep that console from getting last place. The port of Super Mario 64 on DS did nothing to jumpstart sales (it wasn't until Brain Age, Nintendogs, and NSMB that the DS took off). Super Mario Galaxy 1 and 2 sold millions less than NSMB Wii. The month NSMB Wii came out sold so much (and sold so many Wiis) that it set the world record for most videogame consoles sold in a month. 3D Mario Land did nothing to excite the 3DS. And now a 3D Mario is going to save the Wii-U when not even 2D Mario seems to be able to save it?

Please. Please. Let's step out of fantasy land and face reality. Ain't gonna happen.

Concertoine3363d ago (Edited 3363d ago )

UMM how about 3D land which almost singlehandedly saved the 3ds (with mario kart too), which this is a DIRECT sequel to! and do you honestly think the n64 would've sold anything in the first year without mario 64 as a launch title? No way. Or if NSMBU wasn't out at launch, the wii u would probably be at least a million consoles less than it is now. half of wii u owners own that game, for crying out loud!
and the fact that the gamecube got last place (which it didn't, the dreamcast did) is irrelevant to nintendo... these companies dont give a damn about where they stand in some stupid race, they want to make money, which the gamecube did in spades and the xbox utterly failed to do at second place. sunshine sold 6 million copies, thats a LOT, and it had a big attach ratio too. You can't sit there and tell me that one of the best selling games, most recognized and cherished IP's in gaming doesn't help a console sell. That's preposterous.

dedicatedtogamers3363d ago

You need to read more closely. I said that 3D Mario doesn't help a platform succeed. The market reacts differently to 2D sidescrolling Mario and 3D Mario. 2D Mario sells the systems. 3D Mario sells to existing owners of the system.

DejectedJeff3363d ago

Why would a remake of an N64 game launch DS sales? How is the position of the Gamecube relevant to whether or not Sunshine helped save it (which it did)?
NSMB is the casual's game, the 3D mario's are more hardcore. 3D World is a blend, and brilliant in that sense.
Pretty much agree with you Concertoine. Well Said.
I'm not sure what fantasy land you're in, but last i checked games sold systems. and mario has always, ALWAYS been a system pusher. Even if this alone won't do it, this combined with other games will definitely do the trick.

Concertoine3363d ago (Edited 3363d ago )

I agree to an extent, but this will still sell tons of consoles, guaranteed. This isnt as hardcore as the 3D games nor casual as the NSMB games, it appeals to both audiences and the multiplayer component is something worth considering, as prior 3D games lacked this. I think it will sell better than NSMBU, personally. We'll see.

wheresmymonkey3363d ago

Times when mario has helped the sales of nintendo products

The NES - Mario Bros 1-3
The SNES - Mario World
The N64 - Mario 64
The GC -Mario Sunshine
The Wii - didn't need any help. Sports/ Zelda had them covered.

GB - Mario land
3DS - Mario 3d land/ mario kart 7.

So basically Mario has been a key component in every successful nintendo console.

If Wind Waker and Pikmin3 3 can help stimulate a boost in sales, whats a price cut, half decent bundles and a bonefide classic going to do.

Here's your choice one machine has a handful of games that are mediocre to good.

The other has at least a dozen decent exclusives and a couple games that have gotten 10s. Which machine do you chose.

Oh and the one with a few mediocre-good games is £100 more expensive.

The smart man would chose the latter right.

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Concertoine3363d ago (Edited 3363d ago )

you say that as if the wii literally picked up NO hardcore nintendo fans, and as if the wii u still won't have a casual audience.
everyone has a first console... those that experienced their first zelda, first mario, first smash bros on the wii could just as well buy a wii u.
look at the sales for every nintendo IP on the wii, mario galaxy, animal crossing, smash bros, and everything else. they consistently went up, not by a lot, but they did go up over their gamecube predecessors. the wii wansnt 100% casual, i would say at the most 70%.

PoSTedUP3363d ago

i dont believe they picked up any more hard core fans than they already had. tho what you said does make sense but its hard to believe (even if its a fact) just by looking at the decline in console sales. and to have a (decent) casual audiance you need a good # of casual games, and to get games you need worthwhile hardware sales (third party devs). and that is the whole issue. if you look at the sales of the big exclusives and then at the sales of the consoles (n64, gc,) a lot of thoes fans were fans of most of the exclusives, and if numbers dont lie, the fanbase is shrinking as far as consoles go. says the apparent decline.

ritsuka6663363d ago

nintendo has been going downhill since the NES.''''

What? you not played SNES, Nintendo 64,Gamecube,right?

PoSTedUP3363d ago (Edited 3363d ago )

console sales decline*. yes i played them, i grew up on them as well as the NES.

LOL_WUT3363d ago (Edited 3363d ago )

Sales wise yes postedup is correct Nintendo got lucky with the Wii. ;)

Chrischi19883363d ago (Edited 3363d ago )

Basically we are talking about 1 not soooo successful, but still profitable console, the gamecube. Making a console, which sold best of all time, sound like it was luck, is crazy. I could say the same about the Xbox360 for example. Even the gamecube sold a lot of software and made money for Nintendo, a thing, where Sony had to do a lot to, with the PS3. You talk about sales, but what are sales, if you still make no profit with it? Gamecubes sales were bad, but Nintendo made money on it. Sony needed 5 years, to make the first $ on the PS3 sales.

Nes, Snes, N64 were all successful and made money, gamecube still made money and then we got the Wii, which is the most successful of all time and I dont even mention the handheld market. So we talk about the gamecube not being successful, spread false information and turn it to being a company with only unsuccessful consoles, because of 1 console, which was 2 generations ago, which still made money for nintendo.

So again, one console no huge success = the whole company never had success after the first console^^ This is why nintendo won last gen, this is why nintendo is still here, this is why the new Mario game gets no review beneath 9/10. Sorry man, but I cannot take you serious, for me, you are just a troll who thinks Knack is a better game as Mario 3D World.

Nice logic you guys use^^


Jay70sgamer3363d ago (Edited 3363d ago )

100,000,000 units is not luck I guess 100,000,000 people were lucky then in your eyes smh .....luck us winning the lottery getting people to buy 100,000,000 units is far from luck smh

chente00253363d ago

Just like Sony got lucky with the Ps2,Right?

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wonderfulmonkeyman3363d ago

People were saying the same thing you are right now during the 3DS's first year when its sales weren't so hot.
I wonder, what excuses will these same people use to try to brush it all off as supposedly inconsequential when the system finally does start selling?

Will they try to say the people who bought it were casuals or grandmas or kids and therefore its sales don't count as a success?

Or will they turn to the tried&true method of talking about how much weaker it is compared to the other two and therefore its games suck in comparison because "they'd be better on the other two systems"?

No matter what the excuse is, people who dislike Nintendo will always downplay any success that Nintendo's home console division has.

I have no doubt that it will happen, so at this point I'm just curious about how they'll all go about it.

Chrischi19883363d ago

And isnt that, what is so sad in today gaming business? I mean, what is gaming, what do people game for. I see only insecure people, who dont play for fun, they play games, hate online, curse, go on boards, curse even more and try every way, to downplay a console, which they do not own and because of that, actually not able to make a comment, that is actually worth reading.

TwilightBites3363d ago

Whether or not you want the wii u to succeed and whether or not it actually will are two totally separate things.

Yep3363d ago

"it wont. nintendo has been going downhill since the NES."

Credibility has been erased. Just like that.

bobacdigital3362d ago

I will rephrase what I said previously in error .. Nintendo's situation is almost the reverse of what Sony's is. WiiU is selling bad and needs games ... Vita is selling bad and needs games (both are doing marginally better)... 3DS is selling like crazy... PS4 is selling like crazy....

Sony has been losing money on the VITA since almost 3Ds launch ...Nintendo has only been losing money on the WiiU since launch roughly 1 year...

I think we all can agree that the Wii U is not going to explode even with the heavy hitters... but the best Nintendo can hope for is a respectable recovery and great software attachment rate when they do release great games.

People need to realize that the WiiU is next gen for Nintendo consumers... It is a substantial upgrade over the previous system for Nintendo..

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JohnnyTower3363d ago

Nintendo's marketing team needs to save Nintendo.

josephayal3363d ago

mario 3D meh! zelda is betta

iceman6003363d ago

im not sure Nintendo is worth saving, because this game should have been out a year ago when i still cared. I think people have moved on, and are tired on waiting on Nintendo broken promises.

R00bot3363d ago

How can you not care about a game that's getting such great reviews? :O

tweet753363d ago

hasnt mario saved every nintendo generation all the way back to the nes?

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