IronFall for 3DS: A Gears of War Experience on the Go

SheAttack was very fortunate in getting an interview from VD-Dev, makers of the upcoming title, IronFall, the first third person shooter made from the ground up on the Nintendo 3DS hardware.

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Kennytaur1792d ago

That does look pretty good, 60FPS as well is impressive.

t3gamenews1792d ago

Please keep it a 3ds exclusive lol. The moment a game like this goes multiplat. It changes the way you see it. No more heroes. Conduit. Ect.
Although I like those games.
Can't wait for this one tho.

Misaka_x_Touma1791d ago

The developer has developed exclusively for Nintendo since GameBoy,

Errefus1792d ago

Looking forward to this, so impressive.

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