Xbox One Is a Slice of the Future

"Sony's PS4 is not the entertainment hub we were expecting. But Microsoft's next-gen gaming console unifies your gaming, movie and TV watching under one voice-controlled roof."

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stuna11846d ago

So what does that make the PS4? The whole pie?

Enemy1845d ago

The PS4 is 50% more, so yeah, it's the whole pie.

ChrisW1845d ago

Technically it'd be half a pie... plus the mentioned slice. /sarc!

4Sh0w1845d ago (Edited 1845d ago )

Angelic it is talking about the ps4 in reference to it not being the entertainment hub that the X1 is. It's not a insult really it's just true micro built a very diverse gaming console that has more well implemented all around social, navigation voice, gesture and tv features. Sony and micro both built much better versions of last gen platforms(as usual), however again its not a overstatement to say micro went for a very diverse gaming platform with some very innovative ideas while sony also has some very nice upgraded UI features, but its very limited voice features and limited camera features, and overall its not trying to be what X1 is trying to be, sonys position is to be only about gaming, which is great and they added some very nice enhancements beyond that too but it's not on the same level as X1.
edit my bad meant to reply below

FamilyGuy1845d ago (Edited 1845d ago )

"Sony's PS4 is not the entertainment hub we were expecting".

All it's missing is local digital file playback and media server support. Two things the X1 are missing at launch as well if I'm not mistaken by their lack of external HDD support on day 1. Other than that the PS4 does have dvd and blu-ray playback as well as streaming services like Netflicks, Hulu, Crackle and it has a function web browser to further support various media playback.

Just because the X1 lets you switch to tv and have the X1 dash overlay on top of it they're claiming it to be more futuristic?

HammadTheBeast1845d ago (Edited 1845d ago )

"Comes with 6 months of free Skype calling"

Wtf. You have to pay for that? Why not make it free when there's a $60 access fee anyways for Gold.

Reading on:

"Microsoft's most impressive launch titles are Ryse, Forza, and DR3, all of which run at 1080 p and 60 fps"


Dead Rising is 720 p 30 fps and Ryse is 900p and 30 fps I think. Forza, congrats.

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AngelicIceDiamond1845d ago (Edited 1845d ago )

@stuna This article isn't about PlayStation.

These Xbox One articles aren't talking about PlayStation nor talking about it. You fanboys are easy to provoke.

Well, This is Sony site afterall I guess...

Talk about PlayStation where its needed hell I even join in the conversation. But here, in this article I wanna talk about Xbox, because, well that's what this article is about.

EDIT: @Dedicated And let me guess you all got offended therefor you guys have to come in droves defending like always.


dedicatedtogamers1845d ago

This article isn't talking about playstation?

The opening line is "The PS4 isn't the enterainment hub that we were expecting" But the Xbox One is, apparently. How is that not talking about Playstation?

FamilyGuy1845d ago

Are you slow?

1. The article mentions PS4 at the start
2. You claim to want to talk about xbox yet you're way off topic talking about fanboy nonsense instead. It's hypocritical.

AngelicIceDiamond1845d ago

"The article mentions PS4 at the start"

Like I said the the article mentions the PS4 a couple of times and suddenly you think this is an article ALL about the PS4?

I skimmed through the article with out reading the first paragraph of the headline yeah I screwed up.

But to me it just shows Sony fans just need ANY reason to come and defend something. Even if its something that everyone already clearly knows.

"The PS4 isn't the entertainment hub that we were expecting"

And why is that such a shock? Sony preached and preached about it being an Games console first with game related features. Whats the problem here then?

FamilyGuy1845d ago

"Whats the problem here then?"

The problem is that statement is a lie.
The PS4 is STILL very much an "entertainment hub".
What "they were expecting" could be anything because they don't go in to detail on what they expected that was missing.

Point is, you can still do a bunch of multimedia stuff with the PS4 and more will come through updates, same as the X1. So why are they claiming the X1 to be better? An HDMI pass-through... This article is poorly thought out and poorly researched.

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PSX041845d ago

thanks for this information about xbone because I'm a gamer so I will go with a hardcore gaming device like ps4 not VCR

FamilyGuy1845d ago

Microsoft's most impressive exclusive launch titles are Ryse: Son of Rome, Forza Motorsport 5 and Dead Rising 3, which all run in 1080p at 60 frames per second."

Okay, so I can excuse the 1080p claim as the system is upscaling all game to 1080p so that what this guys tv will claim but to say they're all 60fps?
The author needs to do some research before posting articles like this.

1845d ago
andrewsqual1845d ago

"Sony's PS4 is not the entertainment hub we were expecting."
What were they expecting after that epic game centric reveal in February?

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NukaCola1846d ago (Edited 1846d ago )

PlayStation 4 is a gaming console that does much more. I don't know why the media was expecting Sony to lose focus of what's most important...the games.

MorePowerOfGreen1846d ago

Mostly lazy review with incorrect info.

soljah1845d ago

i will say this in every review article of the xbox and ps4. i do not want my gaming console to feel like work to operate.
i want a simple design thats easy to navigate with all the major features right before me.
even with the ps4 i find i have to hunt around to get to the screen or task i'm looking for.
the xbox looks like work just like windows.
give me a simple and FAST UI and i am happy

DoesUs1845d ago

If there's anyone who knows incorrect info, it's most certainly you!

Godmars2901846d ago

The PS3 was so future-proofed that with some features and functions removed it largely remained the same system which was first introduced. Whereas the 360 had several forced upgrades to keep it current.

Will be interesting to say the least between the PS4 and XB1 which will be proved to be underpowered.

Mustang300C20121846d ago

LOL wow what a crock of sh*t post.

1845d ago
Death1845d ago

"Forced upgrades"? You are really going to justify Sony ripping out features and then spin the 360's upgrades over time as being bad?

Yes, as history has shown, the PS4 may get worse while the Xbox One gets forced improvements to make it more underpowered. How much do I need to drink to think like this?

Godmars2901845d ago

""Forced upgrades"? You are really going to justify Sony ripping out features and then spin the 360's upgrades over time as being bad?"

On the PS3 OtherOS was removed because of an imminent and very public threat of piracy. BC and 2 HDMI ports got yanked out to save money on production and were really the only dick move Sony pulled. Aside from also getting rid of the media readers.

Meanwhile with the 360 an HDMI port and internal wireless adapter where added after MS chided the need for both, just like the storage capacity of DVDs where increased well after insistence that "BR wasn't needed." MS also altered how their console handled information allowing for HDD installs then added 4GB of memory to the drive-less arcade SKU because, despite advertising, the thing needed it.

This is all an old argument. Made worthless because of repeated denial. But the thing is despite how overall messed up their cycle was, if a launch day fat PS3 is still running it can do so right besides a Super Slim model, where as an original Xbox 360 would not be the same machine as its current day counterpart. It would have issues, especially if had been offline all this time or only played certain games after a certain date.

And with the XB1 and PS4 we're seeing hint of the same and something different thanks to MS promising 4K resolutions while having issues delivering on 1080p.

I mean that while there's not much difference between the two machines, its really too early to be able to see or note possible differences.

Death1845d ago

"if a launch day fat PS3 is still running it can do so right besides a Super Slim model, where as an original Xbox 360 would not be the same machine as its current day counterpart. It would have issues, especially if had been offline all this time or only played certain games after a certain date"

WTF? I don't even know what that means. "Altered how their console handled information"? You mean they allowed games to be ripped to the HDD?

So you say the only "dick move" Sony made was:
1. Removed other OS
2. Removed backwards compatability
3. Removed media card readers
4. Removed USB ports

Then you spin Microsoft's improvements as bad:
1. Added HDMI port
2. Added the ability to rip games to the HDD
3. Added internal Wi-Fi

As for the 4 gig or arcade systems without an HDD, what do you do with 12 gigs of storage on a PS3 that has mandatory installs?

Man I have a headache today. I guess if it makes you feel better then taking away from a product is much better than improving on it.

Godmars2901845d ago

Keep saying there's a level of denial in what Sony removed and MS added, so I don't know why I'm bothering to reply.

But trying to explain the difference *one more time* its that aside from BC, nothing Sony took away had a major impact on how the PS3 operated. And even, if you have a BC enabled console, you still had BC. It, the media reader and USB ports were things removed from future production models.

Likewise when HDMI and wi-fi were added to the 360 they were added to different, newer production models. If the owner of an older Xbox wanted to "take advantage" of those added features they either just did without, bought the newer system, buy a separate wi-fi add-on, or just luck out and get one when and if the older console died and was replaced. Something which resulted in lost of time and possibly expense.

And again, what happened with increasing DVD storage and the HDD installs, while beneficial, were also major changes in how the 360 operated. Games would have needed more discs and been unplayable on some if not all consoles regardless if they had a HDD or not. Once MS started introducing those newer games, if you happen to have owned an older console, meant that without the required updates you couldn't play those newer games.

And then there was the chance that the updates would brick your console.

Bottom line, while Sony did what they did for basically selfish cost saving reasons, including OtherOS which might have ruined the PS3 if not Sony, MS did what they did to keep up. They had made initial short-sighted decisions in designing the 360 and later introduced improvements which otherwise if not done would have ruined the Xbox.

The difference in the similarities you should obviously be seeing - *One More Time* - are the number of console owners who were effected by those changes. OtherOS was not all-inclusive for PS3 owners while the DVD and HDD installs were for anyone with a 360. Older PS3 owners were otherwise lucky so long as their system kept working, whereas older Xbox owners were just out of luck in regards to HDMi and wi-fi. Had to be concerned about a HDD whether they owned one or not, or if the major update killed their older console.

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Snookies121846d ago (Edited 1846d ago )

"Sony's PS4 is not the entertainment hub we were expecting."

The hell? How many times does Sony have to say it before it sinks in? It's meant to be a GAMING CONSOLE. They focused on GAMING first and foremost, not entertainment options. Sorry, but just reading that first sentence, I already know not to click on this.

AngelicIceDiamond1845d ago

All lot of you are off topic in here good lord where in the title or article do they mention PlayStation?

The tags say Microsoft and Xbox One. If This place was for "everyone" then we would have Xbox fans talking about the article instead of it mostly PlayStation fans.

CGI-Quality1845d ago

"Sony's PS4 is not the entertainment hub we were expecting".

Plain as day in the top portion of this page. Carry on, though.

Snookies121845d ago (Edited 1845d ago )

Did read my comment before replying? I quoted the first line of the summary for this article... They mention the PS4 right there.

Death1845d ago

I know this is going to sound crazy, but do you think they may have been able to take from their rich history and perhaps made a console that was for gaming first and maybe had the other features too? I mean, hasn't Sony already proven they could do it with the PS2 and PS3? Why did they have to take a step back in progress when they never lost sight of gaming to begin with?

CGI-Quality1845d ago

Well put. Some perspective is lacking in a few of these responses and a couple even go as far as to claim PlayStation wasn't mentioned in the article.

Snookies121845d ago (Edited 1845d ago )

They put gaming first right out of the gate. They'll focus on entertainment options later. That was the whole point of the PS4. At least, that's what I got from everything they said up until it launched.

Death1845d ago (Edited 1845d ago )

They have had close to 7 years to figure this out. According to many well educated N4G users, Microsoft rushed out the Xbox One and Sony took much more time. You mean to tell me Sony spent so much time on the gaming aspect, the rest had to wait? Maybe Sony shouldn't have gone outside Japan when they hired Lead Architect and Knack creator Mark Cerny to design the console.

That's the thing Snookie,
The entertainment part was already done and working on the PS3. How did it get omitted on the PS4?

NateCole1845d ago

Sony tried that with the PS3 and they got savaged for it. They expanded on what they did with the PS2 in regards to non gaming features. Dont you remember the hate?. In fact i think you were one of them.

The PS3 is the best console bar none last gen with regards to extra feature but Sony got so much hate for it that i understand them not wanting a repeat for the PS4.

Even though Sony kept on producing GOTY games year after year the PS3 was still not considered a gaming console and it hurt their bottomline.

Snookies121845d ago

@Death - I don't claim to know how the development process of consoles works. Though why wouldn't you focus primarily on what your item is used for? That's gaming. Entertainment options are great, but that can be added later. The PS4 seems to have the best hardware, and that's what opens up possibilities for electronics. As long as they stick with it and do their best to keep adding new features, the PS4 could very well lead the pack on all fronts the way I see it.

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ChrisW1845d ago

But simply calling it solely a "gaming console" isn't justifiable to all of the other content Sony put into its system. I mean, how is it that can you watch shows and movies downloadable form PSN; things like: Amazon Instant Video, Hulu Plus, Music Unlimited, NBA Game Time, Netflix, and NHL GameCenter Live?

Oh, and NOT reading the article is a simpleton's cop-out... No one likes someone who refuses to read the article, but insists on commenting!!!

Hicken1845d ago

That's why words like "primarily" and phrases like "first and foremost" are used.

The only people who don't recognize that the PS4 does games AND other multimedia functions are those who have some agenda to push, or who are uneducated on the subject. Yes, the PS4 is capable of handling all those services you mentioned, plus a few more that you either did not state, or will be coming soon. That in no way invalidates or negates the FACT that the PS4 was designed with gaming as its main function.

ChrisW1845d ago

"That's why words like 'primarily' and phrases like 'first and foremost' are used."

Thank you! Oh, great teacher of semantics.

Hicken1845d ago

That's not semantics, you... person. Semantics is to-may-to, to-mah-to, trying to argue minute differences in words or phrases.

There's a massive and fundamental difference between something being SOLELY for a given purpose, and something being PRIMARILY for a given purpose. If you are saying they're the same thing- and thus, saying I'm arguing semantics- then you are the ONLY person I know who thinks that way.

ChrisW1845d ago

"Semantics is to-may-to, to-mah-to"

Oh wow... LET'S argue semantics.

But before doing so, here's a quote from Wikipedia on it, "Semantics is the study of meaning. It focuses on the relation between signifiers, like words, phrases, signs, and symbols, and what they stand for, their denotation."

You say tomato, I say GO READ CHOMSKY!

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AngelicIceDiamond1845d ago

@CGI Ok lets talk about that. Sony made there statement crystal clear many, many times before. The PS4 is a games console first.

All the entertainment stuff will come at a later date in which is should right? Games first then entertainment hub later?

That's what I want out of the PS4 and every PlayStation fan want that to.

CGI-Quality1845d ago

I'm not arguing against that at all, I just merely pointed out that saying the article/title didn't mention the PS4 "in any way" is factually, and visually, incorrect.

FanboyKilla1845d ago

Thankyou. obviously people want more. stop saying you dont because sony doesn't have it. why are you sony fanboys not playing your ps4's? still waiting on next gen like the rest of us ha? it arrives Nov.22 lmao at you buthurt fanboys. i love it. squirm baby squirm.

Snookies121845d ago (Edited 1845d ago )

Your name is FanboyKilla, but your comment is very "fanboy". Sorry man, but it's true. Consoles allow us to game, so I cherish each and every one of them. The X1, the PS4 and the Wii U. With that said, X1 has more entertainment options, while the PS4 has brute strength. You can always add more features with updates to your firmware, but you can't add better hardware without alienating buyers.

Pintheshadows1845d ago

When you are older and you have a job you will get a monthly income. Some of it will have to go on bills and food. However, with the disposable part you can purchase whatever you want. Perhaps even a gaming console AND a computer that can browse the internet at the same time. What a miraculous world we live in.

In all seriousness though you'll probably struggle to get a job what with everything about you screaming 'UNEMPLOYABLE'.

KingDadXVI1845d ago

Apparently you missed the title which would explain the reason for the first sentence. They are not shooting down the PS4 or saying it is not for gaming.

Sony has made several comments about how they are able to do home entertainment just like the Xbox so apparently you missed there message.

The article is from the view point that you can do gaming and other entertainment with the Xbox One.

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MRMagoo1231846d ago

the ps4 already came out in the US and its not for another week till its out every where else so i think you have your days mixed up.

ArmrdChaos1845d ago

You mean kind of like wasting one's life trolling on forums?