Xbox One Console Day One Edition Pre order: Last Chance Option at Amazon


"Amazon Announces Last Chance for Xbox One Console Pre-orders (In Stock)!

While the Xbox One console is essentially sold out at most retail and online coming up to it's North American release, we just received the following email notification from Amazon:"

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NextGen24Gamer1884d ago (Edited 1884d ago )

That's great news for anyone who wants an Xbox One but hasn't pre-ordered it yet! 2 more days! My excitement level is off the charts! I downloaded my Xbox One Smartglass apps for my Ipad & Note 3!

When I traded in 2 xbox 360's & my ps3 to BestBuy, they gave me a 300 dollar gift card. I then went and bought 6 $50 dollar cards for xbox live to buy digital games.

I also purchased 2 extra controllers & extra battery and plug & charge packages. All I need now is my consoles and I'm good to go!

Drewminati1884d ago

i did also, will shop tomorrow for food, then lock my doors this weekend