Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag - Incoming Patch Will Add PhysX Effects

Nvidia has announced that an incoming patch will add some new PhysX effects in Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag.

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SniperControl1797d ago

Damn, i thought it looked good anyway, more eye candy always welcome.

Ratty1797d ago

Nice. I hope they'll correct the many bugs along the way as well. Awesome game but sometimes it glitches like there's no tomorrow.

Section81796d ago

Must be playing the xbox version.

Ratty1796d ago

PS4. I'm pretty sure it's equally bugged on every platform.

The ship parts play flawlessly, mind you. Climbing things isn't as smooth as in AC2 and Brotherhood but I guess it's kind of acceptable.

The biggest flaws happen in battle and especially when you board a ship like a man o' war when there's a load of soldiers.

Otherwise it's a very good game. I personally never would have released it in that state but they knew it would still sell milions of copies which I'm sure it did.

Section81796d ago (Edited 1796d ago )

I've been playing its since day one and I haven't experienced a single glitch. Not like AC3. So far I'm lucky and I'm on PS4 as well. The only incident that I know of personally is my buddy. There's 1 assassin contract in sequence 4 from Inaugua where you find the guys ship and he takes off. You give chase and blow his ship to smithereens. For my buddy, he constantly has that marker on his map saying to kill his target where there is nothing. So I guess I'm lucky and some people will always experience something.

Ratty1796d ago

It's nothing game-breaking but can get annoying sometimes. I think you're right AC3 might have been worse. I think my subcounscious is trying hard to makr me forget about AC3 ;p