Xbox One: The New Achievement Interface

The Xbox One development team has put a significant amount of attention into their “new” interface. Many aspects have been enhanced, and in addition to the new features that will be available, the achievement interface will be revamped. It seems they’re graphically enhancing the interface a bit. As posted on Twitter by partner studio manager at Xbox Studios Mike Ybarra, the new Xbox One achievement interface features image tiles (as opposed to the Xbox 360’s achievement system featuring small icons and a description).

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Convas1798d ago

I like it. Devs will get to let their art teams go wild with their achievement displays. Good times all around!

u got owned1798d ago

Very Nice! Now this is how is done.

supraking9511798d ago

there trying too hard. first achievements for useless things not gaming related and now oversized boxes for achievements
"Xbox next page of achievements"

supraking9511798d ago

plus PS4 achievements are better, Trophies are better and the new Rarity system makes it worth more than Xbone achievements

Mustang300C20121798d ago

Seriously. Who gives a sh*t about what Sony is doing. How do you go out of your way just to point out an opinion over achievements? It is just a score. No one gets money it this is just games and enjoyment and option of giving a Fu*k. Stop caring crapping the comment section about what you don't like over and over and over. Grow up.

Ripsta7th1798d ago

I got the ps4 and trophies are nothing special, they are also almost identical to the ones on ps3 , nothing was changed

Sovereign591798d ago

It's your opinion that one is superior to another, and if you're going to insist upon stating so, you could at least give a few examples as to why you hold this opinion.

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