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At this point, appraising individual games in the Mario franchise is at once easy and daunting. Easy, because everything from the characters to the gameplay to the music has been so refined and polished over thirty years of consistent development that a certain degree of quality is guaranteed and evident almost immediately; daunting because you start to wonder what's to be said beyond a list of features and "Yup! Here's another good one!"

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ritsuka6661847d ago

This year has been pretty stellar year for Wii U First Pikmin, then 101 then Wind Waker now Mario 3D world.

N4g_null1846d ago

Please dont forget monster hunter. I have to say sports club is pretty fun only and quite a hardcore playing game. I cant wait for the other games with in it. Also im still looking for a fit meter, ive become a grand fat ass. That game seems fun also. Also of note any fps plays so much better on the ir pointer. Its like cod with a light gun! And I hated that game like a religion lol.