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Nintendo may be slowly bettering their online services, but what else do they need to improve?

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LOL_WUT1798d ago

Great read come on guys speak up! My complaints are getting a notification when a friend goes online, when you receive a message, when someone comments on your miiverse post, friend request, being able to post pictures and YouTube videos.

With the VC it's a love and hate thing I'm enjoying the retro games but I often find myself looking towards a next release only to be disappointed because it's pong or tennis. Is it too much to release 3 at a time?

The friends list... I don't know why it even runs like an app but it's annoying they need to implement it better also have the ability to join a friend and add cross game chat. ;)

Theyellowflash301798d ago

Nintendo already knows all this dude. Everybody has been writing and talking about the issues for a while now. I think your suggestions will come mid 2014.

The next major update combines balances and adds Miiverse to 3DS

bobsmith1798d ago

All I wants voice chat for the new mario kart 8 and super smash

Metallox1798d ago

There are a lot of thing they can do with Miiverse. Right now, for me, it feels more like an average forum.

Chrono1798d ago

Nintendo's family friendliness is preventing it from advancing.

tweet751798d ago

Simply being able to play games i bought digital in another system if mine breaks

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