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Dylan Z of iGR writes: "Guerrilla Games has given us a truly beautiful universe to obliterate"

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skoorydook1794d ago

It's quite amazing exactly how much this has split people

svoulis1793d ago

Think its funny we have the opposite effect here.

Known sites giving PS4 lower review scores

Smaller sites giving PS4 higher review scores

Known sites giving XO higher review scores

Smaller sites giving XO lower review scores.

That is the pattern I am seeing...its really sad.

Too bad the entire world has their head up the Internets ass and can't make choices on their own.

Zadom1794d ago

I'm in chapter 8 of the campaign and it has been great. It looks fantastic and plays very polished. The story has been interesting also but not its strongest point. It may bother some that you move slower but I am not playing any other FPS at the this time so it doesn't feel slow after adjusting to it. I think if I jumped back and forth between this and another shooter it would feel really slow.

WeAreLegion1793d ago

The multi-player is the best out there right now.

The single-player has some incredible bits, but the writing is uh...well, it's different. They ACTUALLY got the line "I didn't sign up for this!" in there. Sadly, it's not satire. :/ Still, it's a great campaign. Just remember to be stealthy when you have the option. Otherwise, you're gonna have a bad time...

Gridloc1793d ago

A great score for a great game. Maybe not everyone's cup of tea, but for myself I've been enjoying the hell out of it...

svoulis1793d ago

I played it through in 2 days, amazing game. One of the hardest games I've played to date, the Enemies will flank you they will corner you with riot shields and shotguns, they will slide to cover.

This game was 10ish hours and worth every god damn penny. Also the multiplayer is fun.