Killzone: Shadow Fall has roughly 1,200 players online

Of course the online player base for PS4 launch title Killzone: Shadow Fall should be relatively low right as the console is only out in the US currently though a player count of around 1,200 is a bit surprising for a console that has sold 1 million units in the US already.

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Snookies121821d ago

Shooter fans probably went for CoD unfortunately... -_-

Pandamobile1821d ago

And Battlefield apparently. There's over 10,000 people playing BF4 on PS4 right now.

KUV19771821d ago

Just you wait until the PS4 is released in Europe. Online-Numbers wil get a guaranteed boost by at least one.

Omegasyde1821d ago

How is that possibly when most modes are $%^[email protected]#^@$#^@#$^#@^#@^#@^#@ Broken and ZERO voice chat.

I can't believe DICE released the game like that, they should get sued!

RyuCloudStrife1821d ago

It depends yesterday I got in and there where 2,500 playing the Warfare playlist made by GG ONLY in that playlist.

People make custom playlists so maybe in total at that time that I played there where 3,000 - 3,500.

Boody-Bandit1821d ago (Edited 1821d ago )

Not this shooter fan so I'm one of the 1200. Bought them all, beat them all (campaign) and played them all online. IMHO Killzone has the better single player game. I'm enjoying it more online as well. Ghost is just too much been there done that and BF4 isn't running right online. KZ plays fantastic both SP and online and I'm having a blast with it.

BTW these so called reviewers can shove their scores up their backside. Killzone is a rock solid 9 in my book. My favorite shooter this year. Gotta give it a break so I can rip through ACIV. This PS4 has taken over my life. Haven't gamed this much in a couple years. I'm practically living on my PS4 and so far not even a hiccup with the hardware.


mxrider21991821d ago

ya killzone online is amazing so balanced im ranked 4 in the world on classic warzone

KrisButtar1821d ago

I think your right as I canceled my KZ preorder in favor of split screen

Majin-vegeta1821d ago (Edited 1821d ago )

Depends what time of the day you're and not too mention next week the list will grow.

Plus the game is too hard for the kiddies cuz of no "AIM ASSIST"

mrbojingles1821d ago

The author says that and also notes that the European launch will likely increase it too.

Corpser1821d ago

Because ps4 owners rather play cod ghost and bf4, ghost on ps4 has 10x that just on team death match

Plasticgearsolid1821d ago

They got the sales of Killzone Shadow fall wrong

dodo1011821d ago (Edited 1821d ago )

No this are online players so offline players are not included

Plasticgearsolid1821d ago

I know that. I'm talking about the statement on the shadow fall SALES did you even read the article

mrbojingles1821d ago

Yea it says nothing about the sales other than saying its likely over 100k in US alone.

BlakHavoc1821d ago

Simple, KZ isn't known as an online shooter the way CoD and BF are.

Gamer6661821d ago


But 12 people out of every 10,000 owners online?

That is really bad...

toddybad1821d ago

It also has a much longer SP mode and has only been playable since Friday so could a decent number be simply getting through the campaign first?

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