Superman Returns demo next week

In an interview with Jeff Peters, Supervising Producer of Superman Returns: The Videogame, Peters announced that a Xbox 360 (and maybe also PC) demo of the game will hit the internet/Marketplace a week before the game hit the stores.
That would mean we can expect a brand new demo the next week, since the game will release on november 20th.

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ScorpioKyle4462d ago

cool, i wanted to check out how this game played.

Grown Folks Talk4462d ago

but i'll check it out. if they make the gameplay as planned it could be fun. i'd like to see a free roaming mode where you can just fly around wherever and use your powers on different things.

power of Green 4462d ago

It's worth a look in my opinion. I know i'll like it anyways.

PS360PCROCKS4462d ago

I will try it for sure, EA better not of F'ed this up as well

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