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GR: Killzone has always had a message hidden in the battles and bloodshed on other worlds, shining a light on our own struggles and the futility of war. The developers at Guerrilla Games have drawn from world wars, past and present, to fuel the fires of conflict between Vektan and Helghan forces, but my favorite lessons are the ones less obviously on display. That Killzone can teach us something about the Palestinian and Israeli conflict speaks volumes about the breadth this series has reached, whether or not every game has been worth your time.

Killzone: Shadow Fall continues this motif, beating the player over the head with themes drawn from the Cold War and further horrors of battle. In Shadow Fall, players assume the role of Lucas, an orphan whose father was killed by soldiers while he was escaping New Helghan on the other side of the wall separating Helghan and Vektan populations on the Vektan home planet. This premise feels forced and many objectives remain unintuitive, but...

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dbjj120881794d ago

I'm enjoying the multiplayer. Hoping more custom matches get popular though.

insertcoin1794d ago

I'm hoping the season pass is worth it...

Oaklnd1793d ago

Im going to have to give it a try myself