Imagine the Xbox One Games We Could Have Smelled

With such technology so readily available, we could have seen some mischievous game creators taking advantage of this feature for a couple laughs. Here are a few level ideas we'd be likely to see if smell-emitters made it through to the final build.

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Snookies121884d ago (Edited 1884d ago )

Like Ryse and Killer Instinct... Mmm, the smell of sweat, blood, and fighting lol...

Detoxx1884d ago

The idea is so weird.

Imagine having multiple games on top of each other.. The smell of Battlefield, Plants vs Zombies, Ryse and many more all together . It would smell like horrible LOL.

Snookies121884d ago

Yeah, there aren't a whole lot of games I'd like to smell...

hollabox1884d ago

Yeah that would have been nice, especially when playing on my almost 60 plasma and 5.1 Polk Monitor speakers setup. But like 3D we all know what people are going to complain about; the smell is giving me headaches, MS messed up my sense of smell, called 911 because I thought my house was on fire, I call 911 because my room smelled like death, etc.

XisThatKid1884d ago

That woulds been crazy to have PS4 and Xbox in smell-o-vision
there was talks ofsony patents too wth was the companies thinkin? lol