The Mysterious PS4 Tutorial Shooting Game Remains Mysterious

Hardcore Gamer: Back in September we reported that Tutorial Shooting Game (actual title) was the first trophy list revealed for the PlayStation 4. At the time, many suspected it would be included with the system, much like The Playroom is. Now that the PlayStation 4 has released in North America, that doesn't seem to be the case.

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admiralvic1821d ago

Who wants to bet the mystery will be more interesting than the actual game?

ChaosKnight1821d ago

What if it's Resistance: Prologue of Man?

WeAreLegion1821d ago

Yeah... I want a new Resistance game. I know they ended the story well, but I'd love if they showed the war from someone else's perspective.

ErryK1821d ago

What if it was what it says it is? A tutorial?

CNCOMICS1821d ago

Probably just a Trophy example like these:

admiralvic1821d ago

Possible, but I don't think any of those games were uploaded to the server. Thats the key difference between a test list and Tutorial Shooting Game, since TGS is a game on the server and is possible to sync with a unique list and unique icons.